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IA-64 patch for ar.unat dependency violations

This fixes 4 ia64-linux gcc testsuite failures.  We are getting
assembler dependency violation (hazard) warnings for a WAW conflit on
AR[UNAT].  The problem is that we aren't marking UNSPEC_GR_SPILL as an
AR[UNAT] writer.

The breakage started when the IA-64 port was converted to use define
constants.  One of the magic numbers was missed in the conversion.  The
conversion happened here:
The breakage was completed two week later when TLS support was added to
the IA-64 port, as the numbers changed at that time.  UNSPEC_GR_SPILL
went from 1 to 10, and rtx_needs_barrier stopped working correctly. 
This change happened here:

This patch makes the obvious fix by changing the magic number to
UNSPEC_GR_SPILL so that rtx_needs_barrier works again.

This was tested with an ia64-linux bootstrap and make check.  There were
no regressions, and 4 fewer gcc testsuite failures.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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