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Java: [BC] Implement type assertion table

Bryce McKinlay writes:
 > 2004-11-04  Bryce McKinlay  <>
 > 	* class.c (make_class_data): Call emit_assertion_table to set the
 > 	'assertion_table' field.
 > 	(build_signature_for_libgcj): Move here from expr.c.
 > 	(add_assertion_table_entry): New function. Callback for assertion
 > 	hashtable traversal.
 > 	(emit_assertion_table): New. Take class argument, and generate 
 > 	assertion table DECL based on the TYPE_ASSERTIONS hashtable.
 > 	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Define assertion_entry_type record.
 > 	Push 'assertion_table' class field instead of 'verify'.
 > 	* expr.c (type_assertion_eq): Compare 'assertion_code' field.
 > 	(type_assertion_hash): Include 'assertion_code' in hash.
 > 	(add_type_assertion): Rewritten. Take class and assertion_code
 > 	arguments. Add assertions to the TYPE_ASSERTIONS hashtable.
 > 	(can_widen_reference_to): Use new add_type_assertion() arguments.
 > 	* java-tree.h (java_tree_index): Add JTI_ASSERTION_ENTRY_TYPE, 
 > 	(verify_identifier_node): Removed.
 > 	(assertion_entry_type, assertion_table_type): New.
 > 	assertion code definitions.
 > 	(struct type_assertion): Add assertion_code. Rename 'source_type' and
 > 	'target_type' to 'op1' and 'op2'.
 > 	(add_type_assertion): Declare.
 > 	(lang_printable_name_wls): Remove unused definition.
 > 	* verify-glue.c: (vfy_is_assignable_from): New. Call add_type_assertion
 > 	to emit runtime assertion.
 > 	(vfy_note_stack_type): Clean up non-C90 declarations.
 > 	(vfy_note_local_type): Likewise.
 > 	* verify.h (vfy_is_assignable_from): Declare.
 > 	* verify-impl.c (is_assignable_from_slow): Remove unused function.
 > 	(ref_compatible): Rename arguments. Call vfy_is_assignable_from() 
 > 	instead of is_assignable_from_slow().
 > 	(types_compatible): Reinstate ref_compatible() call.

Yeah, that looks great!  Check it in and I'll start running some big
Java apps through it.


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