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Re: PATCH: PR other/17783: Top level configure doesn't support sharedlibraries enabled by default

H. J. Lu wrote:

On Tue, Nov 02, 2004 at 09:51:09AM -0800, H. J. Lu wrote:

On Mon, Nov 01, 2004 at 10:01:47PM -0800, Mark Mitchell wrote:

This last one, at least, is clearly wrong.

You're now defaulting to --enable-shared, even on systems that may not support shared libraries at all.

enable_shared in top level is only used for setting up proper
LD_LIBRARY_PATH. If systems don't support shared libraries, setting
LD_LIBRARY_PATH won't affect anything. If we wants to prevent it
leaking down, we can change it to set_lib_path.

Here is the updated patch.

I'm not happy about a patch like this, to the toplevel configury, at the last minute. You might cause undesirable consequences on lots of other systems.

I'm not happy about not following the IA64 libunwind ABI, either, but neither did GCC 3.4.2, and the world hasn't stopped spinning.

I would like someone other than you to test your patch on an IA64 GNU/Linux system without system libunwind, on an IA64 GNU/Linux system with system libunwind, and on other non-IA64, non-GNU/Linux systems as well. Please send reports directly to me.

I would also like to know which systems do not have a working system libunwind installed. Do the most recent versions from Debian, Red Hat, SuSE, etc. have system libunwind? In other words, what systems are we likely to actually show this problem?

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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