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[3.4 testcase] PR 18084 fixed by PR 17581

Whilst looking looking through wrong-code regressions in 3.4, I
discovered that PR rtl-optimization/18084 was caused by the same
REG_RETVAL issue that I fixed for PR rtl-optimization/17581, and
indeed this morning's commit to the 3.4 branch cures the failure.
Must be my lucky day :>

The following testcase for PR 18084 should prevent it coming back
in future.  This test has been checked on i686-pc-linux gnu with
a "make check-g++" on both the mainline and gcc-3_4-branch.  I've
committed it to mainline as obvious, but the 3.4 branch is currently

Ok for the gcc-3_4-branch?

2004-10-30  Roger Sayle  <>

	PR rtl-optimization/18084
	* g++.dg/opt/pr18084-1.C: New testcase.

// { dg-do run }
// { dg-options "-O3" }

extern "C" void abort (void);

struct X {
    bool init;
    void foo() { if (!init) init = true; }
    void bar() { foo();                  }


typedef unsigned long long int uint64_t;
uint64_t mask1, mask2;

uint64_t calc() {
  return mask1 & mask2;

int main()
  mask1 = 0x00000000FFFFFFFFull;
  mask2 = 0x000000000000FFFFull;
  uint64_t value = calc();


  if(value != calc())
    abort ();
  return 0;


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