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Re: [tree-profiling] fix some side corners of finalization machinery

> Jan,
> I think that I (actually you) found the problem.  I added the code to 
> copy my info that you suggested to the clone routine.
> The problem went away.  It seems that the code that I had in the 
> remove_cgraph_node was only triggered if the master_clone had been set. 
> I also added code to set the master_clone to cgraph_node and to 
> clone_cgraph_node. 
> Yan I will send you this patch when I am finished testing it.  I also 
> needed to add code so that I only look at nodes that have been either 
> finalized, external or externally_visible since I hit an orphan one of 
> the in the java libraries.

externally_visible nodes should be all finalized or external, so you
only need the first two classes I would say.
I also wonder how the orphan node look like?  It might be fixed by the
patch I sent (I also noticed little inconsistency where instead of
"finalized" test I had DECL_SAVED_TREE test that is not equivalent for


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