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Re: Fix PR 16728

On Thu, 2004-10-28 at 17:12, Benjamin Kosnik wrote:
> >When copying a pointer into another, we should also merge the flow
> >sensitive information.  This first showed up on tree-cleanup-branch with
> >the more aggressive copy propagator.  I'm rather surprised that it had
> >never showed up on mainline.
> Sweet. This had been broken for three months. Now it's possible to run
> the full performance testsuites on mainline...
Why aren't they run by default?  Too expensive?

> >The original test is only run with 'make check-performance' on
> >libstdc++.  I'd like to move/copy this test into the regular 'make
> >check', but I don't know my way around libstdc++/testsuite.  Could one
> >of the libstdc++ folks give me a pointer?  Where could I put this test? 
> >It's a runtime test that needs '-O2 -pthread' to run.
> So is the test for this going to live in libstdc++?
It already is, I believe.  The PR log suggests that the test case was
taken from one of the 'make check-performance' tests.

>  Dunno. I suppose
> you'd add the smallest possible test that broke somewhere (where?), like
> the testsuite/thread tests that get run all the time.
OK, I'll try putting it there, then.

Thanks.  Diego.

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