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PATCH: 'Class <Protocol>' support

The following is the culmination of work that David Ayers and myself have been doing
wrt supporting protocol-qualified class objects ('Class <Protocol>') in Objective-C.

If you have followed the lengthy discussion that David and I have had regarding the
compile-time semantics of sending messages to 'Class <Protocol>' objects, then you
know that we failed to resolve some differences among us :-(, esp. regarding Objective-C
protocols that have been adopted by root classes (or categories thereof). Although
the discussion can certainly continue in the future (esp. if there are more participants),
I decided to make an ObjC maintainer executive decision and implement the semantics
as I understand them, for now. :-)

The reason for doing this is not to throw my (miniscule) weight around, but rather to
move things forward. As things stood, the argument that David and I had over a corner
case was holding up the entire 'Class <Protocol>' patch, most of which was
noncontroversial. Futhermore, I figure that once these bits are committed, more people
can try them on for size and perhaps opine on the issues that David and I had raised.
If need be, we can amend the current patch in the future.

Bootstrapping and testing on powerpc-apple-darwin7.5; will commit once successful.
I assume no C maintainer will mind if RID_ID is removed? :-)


2004-10-25  David Ayers  <>

	* c-common.h: Remove RID_ID.
	* Remove OBJECTNAME and references to RID_ID.
	(typespec_reserved_attr): Add rule for TYPENAME
	(yylexname): Remove special handling of RID_ID.

2004-10-25  Ziemowit Laski  <>
	    David Ayers  <>

	* objc-act.c (objc_comptypes): Use IS_PROTOCOL_QUALIFIED_UNTYPED
	instead of IS_PROTOCOL_QUALIFIED_ID; add comparisons for:
	'Class <Protocol> != id <Protocol>'; 'Class <Protocol> != <class> *';
	'Class <Protocol> == id' and 'Class <Protocol> == Class'.
	(objc_is_id): Add test for 'super'.
	(objc_finish_message_expr): Allow for messaging of 'Class <Proto>'
	receivers; if class methods are not found in protocol lists, search
	for instance methods therein and warn if one is found.  Look in
	global hash tables for suitable method as a last resort when messaging
	'id <Proto>', 'Class <Proto>' and invalid receiver types.
	(objc_add_method): Insert instance methods listed in protocols into
	the global class method hash table.
	* objc-act.h (IS_PROTOCOL_QUALIFIED_ID): Rename to
	IS_PROTOCOL_QUALIFIED_UNTYPED and allow for 'Class <Proto>' in
	addition to 'id <Proto>'.

2004-10-25  David Ayers  <>
	    Ziemowit Laski  <>

	* objc.dg/call-super-2.m: Add messages to 'Class <Proto>'; update
	diagnostics when messaging 'id <Proto>'.
	* objc.dg/class-protocol-1.m: New test.
	* objc.dg/desig-init-1.m: Add message to an invalid receiver using
	a non-existent method signature.
	* objc.dg/method-5.m, objc.dg/method-6.m, objc.dg/proto-hier-1.m:
	Update diagnostics when messaging with non-existent method signature.
	* objc.dg/proto-hier-2.m: Adjust wording of diagnostic.
	* objc.dg/proto-lossage-1.m, objc.dg/proto-lossage-4.m: Messages to
	invalid receivers are now resolved as if messaging 'id'; remove
	extraneous diagnostics.

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