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Re: Revised precompiled header support on cygwin

cgf wrote:
On Thu, Oct 14, 2004 at 01:40:21PM -0700, Earl Chew wrote:
This code is a little dated. I'm hoping that you can direct me
to the appropriate cygwin person to use this as a basis to get
pch support into a newer version of gcc (presumably 3.4.2 and later).

I don't understand what you are implying. Is this patch ready to go or does it need more work?


This patch allows pch to work on cygwin with gcc 3.4.1. I am using it
with cygwin 1.5.11.

As it currently stands, this patch breaks pch support for darwin
on 3.4.1, and thus is unacceptable for merging directly back to the
main gcc source trees. In any event, the main gcc tree has moved on
to 3.4.2 which has other slight host-*.c pch implementation differences
with 3.4.1.

Some minor work is required to make the cygwin pch changes acceptable
for 3.4.2.

Some minor work is required to make the fix up the darwin pch support
broken by this patch for 3.4.1.

What do you suggest?


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