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Re: [PATCH] - local factoring on RTL

"Judit Jasz" <> writes:

> Hello,
> The attached patch contains the code hoisting algorithm for RTL.

> I really would like to know whether there is anybody else interested
> in this type of algorithms? Unfortunately, no patches connected to
> code factoring have been reviewed. We have lots of ideas how to
> improve the algorithms - i.e. how to decrease the generated code
> size -, but it makes no sense to get into coding if nobody is
> interested. Could you please tell me what to do to get our patches
> accepted?

So, first off, right now patches like this will not be accepted,
because we're taking bugfixes only.  However, if you want, and you
have already done your copyright paperwork with the FSF, you can
create a branch and put your changes there; you don't need anyone's
permission to do that.

Second, I do not see why you are implementing this algorithm at the
RTL level.  It seems ideally suited to the SSA framework.  You would
probably get more interest if you were working on the tree optimizers,

The best way to get people to take an interest in your patches is to
help us out with our patches.  In other words, please consider putting
the code-size project aside for the moment and fixing bugs instead.
There are hundreds of bugs in our tracker that need to get fixed
before we can release 4.0.


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