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Re: [PATCH] arc backend patches. Mainline.

Ramana Radhakrishnan wrote:

>>> BTW, I'll commit the patches for you if they get approved, so I'll
>>> fix up
>>> remaining problems in ChangeLogs if any.
>> Thanks for your comments . In any case these are trivial fixes which
>> can  be committed as obvious.

I have committed the patches after RTH's approval. I have attached to this mail
the final patch I committed, including the ChangeLog which is properly
formatted. Please diff it with yours to find out what was still wrong.

Another problem is that your diff had all the tabs expanded to spaces (if you
see, there are no tabs in your diff). This is wrong because it did not apply
clean (try applying it yourself to find out), so I had to manually apply it.
Make sure to not expand tabs to spaces next time (if you are unsure if you did
everything right, just try to apply the patch against a clean tree before
submitting it).

Last glitch: your patches had CRLF line ending (windows-style), while GCC
development is done with LF line endings (UNIX-style). Pay attention to that
(I'll note that I myself still get this wrong from time to time...).

Mark, Gaby, these patches fix bootstrap regressions on the ARC target, which
did bootstrap fine on 2.95 but does not anymore. Are they OK for 3.4 and 3.3

Giovanni Bajo

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