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Re: [PATCH] arc backend patches. Mainline.

Ramana Radhakrishnan wrote:

> These are the patches for PRs 17317 and 17889 applicable on mainline
> as well. We had first observed these on the 3.4 branch. However these
> are visible also on the mainline.

As a matter of fact, you should always post patches for mainline first. Our
policy says that we always fix bugs on mainline and then, if and only if the
bug can be proven to be a regression, we (try to) backport them to the release

Are these bugs regressions? A regression is defined as a bug which appeared in
a later version of GCC, and was not present before. Usually we check up to GCC

> Ran the testsuite for mainline 20041510.

You must mention which target you built. I assume arc-elf? Was it a cross? On
which host?

> Ok to commit ?

I cannot approve it, but the ChangeLog is wrongly formatted. Please, see a
ChangeLog entry for any other patch and strictly copy the formatting including:

- The way the date is written (YYYY-MM-DD including the hypens)
- The number of spaces between date and name and name and e-mails.
- They way the entry is formatted, how the file names ad function names are
- The single tabulation of indent.
- The way the PR number is written (no # sign)

Also, do not merge the patch together. Please send the patches separately like
you did for 3.4. You can still send them in a single mail, but then attacch
different files, each one which a patch and its ChangeLog.

Giovanni Bajo

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