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Re: fix c/17384

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 16:39:28 -0700, Richard Henderson <> wrote:
> The problem in this pr is that we create a empty RECORD_TYPE node,
> attempt to apply the attributes, which stomps on the type node
> replacing it with an INTEGER_TYPE node.  We return from applying
> the attributes and then attempt to add the fields to the record
> and lay out the type.  Needless to say, adding fields to an
> INTEGER_TYPE node causes problems.
> My fix is to deny application of a mode if it changes the base
> type.  As a consequence, it is no longer legal to write
>         int foo __attribute__((mode(SF)))
> because INTEGER_TYPE and REAL_TYPE don't match.  You must use
>         float foo __attribute__((mode(SF)))

I'm now getting
glsimd.h: warning: specifying vector types with __attribute__ ((mode))
is deprecated
glsimd.h: warning: use __attribute__ ((vector_size)) instead
glsimd.h: error: mode 'V4SF' applied to inappropriate type


typedef float v4sf __attribute__((mode(V4SF)));

and I have no idea what basetype to use.


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