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Backport compat testsuite infrastructure

Hi Mark,

I'd like to backport to the 3.4 branch the infrastructure I added on mainline 
to support running the compat testsuite with non-GCC compilers, as well as 
one testcase relating to unions that was failing at some point on that branch 
(they have been in my tree since the branch was created).  OK?

2004-10-17 ?Eric Botcazou ?<>

	Backport from mainline:
	2004-03-16  Eric Botcazou  <>

	* lib/compat.exp (skip_list): New global variable.
	Use it to hold the user defined COMPAT_SKIPS list if any.
	(compat-obj): Add the members of skip_list to optall.

	2004-03-16  Eric Botcazou  <>

	* gcc.dg/compat/union-by-value-1_main.c,
	union-by-value-1_x.c, union-by-value-1_y.c,
	union-check.h, union-defs.h,
	union-init.h, union-return-1_main.c,
	union-return-1_x.c, union-return-1_y.c: New files.

	2004-01-19  Eric Botcazou  <>

	* gcc.dg/compat/fnptr-by-value-1_x.c, scalar-by-value-1_y.c
	scalar-by-value-3_x.c, scalar-by-value-3_y.c,
	scalar-by-value-4_x.c, scalar-by-value-4_y.c,
	scalar-return-1_x.c, scalar-return-2_y.c,
	scalar-return-3_x.c, scalar-return-3_y.c,
	scalar-return-4_x.c, scalar-return-4_y.c,
	struct-align-1.h, struct-align-1_x.c,
	struct-align-1_y.c, struct-align-2.h,
	struct-align-2_x.c, struct-align-2_y.c,
	struct-by-value-10_y.c, struct-by-value-11_x.c,
	struct-by-value-11_y.c, struct-by-value-12_x.c,
	struct-by-value-12_y.c, struct-by-value-13_x.c,
	struct-by-value-13_y.c, struct-by-value-14_x.c,
	struct-by-value-14_y.c, struct-by-value-15_x.c,
	struct-by-value-15_y.c, struct-by-value-16_y.c,
	struct-by-value-17_y.c, struct-by-value-18_y.c,
	struct-by-value-19_y.c, struct-by-value-1_x.c,
	struct-by-value-1_y.c, struct-by-value-20_y.c,
	struct-by-value-2_x.c, struct-by-value-2_y.c,
	struct-by-value-3_y.c, struct-by-value-4_x.c,
	struct-by-value-4_y.c, struct-by-value-5_y.c,
	struct-by-value-6_y.c, struct-by-value-7_y.c
	struct-by-value-8_x.c, struct-by-value-8_y.c
	struct-by-value-9_x.c, struct-by-value-9_y.c
	struct-return-10_x.c, struct-return-10_y.c,
	struct-return-19_x.c, struct-return-20_x.c
	struct-return-2_x.c, struct-return-2_y.c
	struct-return-3_x.c: Guard non-C99 tests with SKIP_COMPLEX_INT,

Eric Botcazou

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