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Re: .machine for Darwin, new cctools required

Geoffrey Keating wrote:

On 14/10/2004, at 3:41 PM, Stan Shebs wrote:

Geoffrey Keating wrote:

This patch uses the new .machine directive in the Darwin assembler to
say which instruction set is to be used, which lets me get rid of the
workaround using -force_cpusubtype_ALL, and fixes a collection of bugs
of the form 'if I use this combination of flags, the assembler refuses
to assemble GCC's output', some of which were being worked around in
the testsuite.

This patch requires a further updated cctools to work properly.  You
can get it from
<> in
source form, and an installable package at

Ideally this would all be conditional on cctools version, but
failing that, it would be helpful to mention this dependency in
the building-from-source docs.

It can't be conditional on cctools version without having specs conditional on that version, which seemed like a lot of work for no point (since you already have to upgrade to -528, going -528.5 doesn't seem like it would be any extra burden).

You can build GCC, I think, with the previous cctools. You just can't use -mcpu= with a non-default setting and no other flags.

Clunk (and not even a bootstrap).

/Users/sts/s/fsf-gcc/macosx/gcc/xgcc -B/Users/sts/s/fsf-gcc/macosx/gcc/ -B/usr/local/powerpc-apple-darwin7.5.0/bin/ -B/usr/local/powerpc-apple-darwin7.5.0/lib/ -isystem /usr/local/powerpc-apple-darwin7.5.0/include -isystem /usr/local/powerpc-apple-darwin7.5.0/sys-include -DIN_GCC -W -Wall -Wwrite-strings -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes -Wold-style-definition -isystem ./include -I. -I. -I../../gcc/gcc -I../../gcc/gcc/. -I../../gcc/gcc/../include -I./../intl -I../../gcc/gcc/../libcpp/include \
-c ../../gcc/gcc/config/darwin-crt2.c -o crt2.o
/var/tmp//ccFiCTZQ.s:1:Unknown pseudo-op: .machine
/var/tmp//ccFiCTZQ.s:1:Rest of line ignored. 1st junk character valued 112 (p).
make[1]: *** [crt2.o] Error 1
make: *** [all-gcc] Error 2

So yes, need to update doc/install.texi at least.


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