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Re: [arm] Use EABI unwind library

Richard Earnshaw wrote:

I'm pretty uncomfortable with putting this on the mainline. I know that we need this for full EABI compatibility in 4.0 -- but I think this is not Stage 3 material, due to the changes to gcc/except.c and the V3 bits, even though I see that those are pretty minimal. Let's queue this for 4.1. (Our internal Wiki has a list of ARM patches queued for 4.1 -- presently empty.) If Richard E. wants to lobby for this in 4.0 after he comes back from vacation, he can try to convince Richard Henderson (EH) and Benjamin Koznik (V3); I'd feel differently if those folks wanted to go ahead with this patch as well, but I feel tremendously uncomfortable approving this directly.

The problem with this is that without this code the C++ compiler is so
fundamentally non-compliant that we might as well disable building of
G++ entirely. And that means we'd have to wait nearly another year[1]
before we had an FSF release that was compliant.

I think that, then, you should try to convince Richard Henderson and Benjamin Koznik that these changes are valuable. If it is OK with them, I would be OK with it, but I do not want to push changes into subsytems that I do not maintain in a way that could be perceived as a favor for a CodeSourcery customer. I'd also be open to a conditional compilation solution; if Richard H. feels uncomfortable with the EH changes, maybe he'd be happier with them #ifdef'd.

I think the worst case is that we create csl-arm-4_0-branch, which differs from the 4_0-branch only by this patch.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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