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Re: C++ diagnostics: Use quoting flag q (7/n)

On Sun, 10 Oct 2004, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:

> This is assumed to finish the conversion of the C++ front-end to use
> the newly recommended quotation marks.  Any remaining old-style
> quotations is now officially considered a bug.

And likewise also cases of e.g. %D with no quoting?

Some cases of both or of stray ` that seem to be left:

call.c:         warning ("enumeral mismatch in conditional expression: `%T' vs `%T'",
call.c: pedwarn ("passing `%T' as `this' argument of `%#D' discards qualifiers",
class.c:              cp_error_at ("%qD may not have reference type `%T' because it is a member of a union",
class.c:                    warning ("size assigned to `%T' may not be "
class.c:    error ("language string `\"%E\"' not recognized", name);
class.c:cannot resolve overloaded function `%D' based on conversion to type `%T'", 
cvt.c: lots
decl.c:     error ("explicit specialization of %D after first use",
decl.c:    error ("duplicate label `%D'", decl);
decl.c:         error ("duplicate initialization of %D", decl);
decl.c: error ("`%D' declared as reference but not initialized", decl);
decl.c:     error ("array size missing in `%D'", decl);
decl.c:           "q%D invalid in %s declaration",
  (should this be %qD?)
decl2.c:      error ("prototype for `%#D' does not match any in class `%T'",
decl2.c:          cp_warning_at ("inline function `%D' used but never defined", decl);
mangle.c:    warning ("the mangled name of `%D' will change in a future "
name-lookup.c:    error ("declaration of `%D' not in a namespace surrounding `%D'",
parser.c:       error ("`%D' has not been declared", name);
parser.c:                       inform ("(perhaps `typename %T::%E' was intended)",
parser.c:       error ("q%E in class %qT does not name a type", id, parser->scope);
  (should this be %qE?)
pt.c:   pedwarn("ISO C++ forbids the use of `%E' on explicit instantiations", 
search.c:         lfi->errstr = "request for member `%D' is ambiguous";
typeck.c:               warning ("pointer to member cast via virtual base `%T'",
typeck.c:      pedwarn ("return-statement with no value, in function returning '%T'",

(I'm presuming all these strings are indeed being passed to the diagnostic 
machinery that interprets %q.)

Joseph S. Myers      (personal mail) (CodeSourcery mail) (Bugzilla assignments and CCs)

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