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Patch to config/rs6000/spe.h

This patch to config/rs6000/spe.h adds declarations of several
functions which the SPE PIM says are declared there but which are not
provided by GCC.  (They are provided, for example, by Aldy Hernandez's
spe add-on for glibc, which includes a patch to declare them in
<stdlib.h>; but <spe.h>, not <stdlib.h>, is the proper place.)

This is not something which would be tested in a bootstrap / testsuite
run, but I've sanity checked that #include <spe.h> compiles.  OK to

Joseph S. Myers

2004-10-08  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* config/rs6000/spe.h (atosfix16, atosfix32, atosfix64, atoufix16,
	atoufix32, atoufix64, strtosfix16, strtosfix32, strtosfix64,
	strtoufix16, strtoufix32, strtoufix64): Declare.

diff -rupN GCC.orig/gcc/config/rs6000/spe.h GCC/gcc/config/rs6000/spe.h
--- GCC.orig/gcc/config/rs6000/spe.h	2003-10-04 07:33:22.000000000 +0000
+++ GCC/gcc/config/rs6000/spe.h	2004-10-08 21:19:47.000000000 +0000
@@ -1088,4 +1088,23 @@ __ev_set_spefscr_frmc (int rnd)
   __builtin_spe_mtspefscr (i);
+/* The SPE PIM says these are declared in <spe.h>, although they are
+   not provided by GCC: they must be taken from a separate
+   library.  */
+extern short int atosfix16 (const char *);
+extern int atosfix32 (const char *);
+extern long long atosfix64 (const char *);
+extern unsigned short atoufix16 (const char *);
+extern unsigned int atoufix32 (const char *);
+extern unsigned long long atoufix64 (const char *);
+extern short int strtosfix16 (const char *, char **);
+extern int strtosfix32 (const char *, char **);
+extern long long strtosfix64 (const char *, char **);
+extern unsigned short int strtoufix16 (const char *, char **);
+extern unsigned int strtoufix32 (const char *, char **);
+extern unsigned long long strtoufix64 (const char *, char **);
 #endif /* _SPE_H */

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