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Re: Patch to pedwarn for out-of-range floating constants

"Joseph S. Myers" <> writes:

> The diagnostic for an out-of-range floating-point constant was a
> warning rather than a pedwarn, with the comment
>   /* A diagnostic is required for "soft" overflow by some ISO C
>      testsuites.  This is not pedwarn, because some people don't want
>      an error for this.
>      ??? That's a dubious reason... is this a mandatory diagnostic or
>      isn't it?   -- zw, 2001-08-21.  */
> C90, C99 and C++03 all require a diagnostic here, so it should be a
> pedwarn: if you want an infinity, use __builtin_inf*.  This patch
> makes it a pedwarn.  Indeed, I wonder whether it should actually be a
> mandatory pedwarn rather than a pedwarn-if-pedantic, since
> __builtin_inf* exist, users should be using the C99 macro INFINITY and
> system headers can be fixincluded to use __builtin_inf* if needed.
> (The pedwarn for __builtin_inf* if the target does not support
> infinities is also required by the definition of INFINITY in C99;
> there's even a footnote pointing to the relevant constraint; and 
> __builtin_inf* are meant to be usable to define INFINITY for all targets.)
> Bootstrapped with no regressions on i686-pc-linux-gnu.  OK to commit
> (the builtins.c change)?

OK.  Could you please add a comment to builtins.c pointing to the
relevant section of C99?

I'm delighted to see this query of mine getting addressed, only three
years later. ;-)


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