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Re: [lno] [patch] bring over vectorizer changes from mainline

On Sun, 2004-10-03 at 15:54 +0200, Dorit Naishlos wrote:
> > The pointer alignment pass on lno needs to be rewritten to use tree-ssa-
> > propagate, which exists on mainline but not lno.
> > I can rewrite it just for mainline if you planned on submitting it for
> > 4.0, i can't remember whether that was the case or not.
> Unfortunately I didn't explicitly mention it on the vectorizer patch list
> for 4.0, although it is used by the vectorizer in lno. I guess it's too
> late now?

Dunno from Mark's perspective.
The pass has been working fine for many moons, and isn't a
transformation itself (so it's very low risk).

I said it "needs" to be moved to tree-ssa-propagate, but this is just a
cleanup, of course.  It was always planned, I just wrote tree-ssa-align
before diego had finished the propagation engine stuff, and moved ccp to
If it's not moved to tree-ssa-propagate, it just means there will be
some duplicated code, as there is now.

In other words, it could be submitted as is, with the cleanup scheduled
for 4.1, if we wanted to do that, and Mark felt that was better in some

Or Mark just might not want it at all at this point.

> dorit

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