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Re: PROPOSED PATCH: Robustify cp_fold_obj_type_ref() for ObjC++ use

On Tuesday 21 September 2004 07:09, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
> | Another thing I am writing this as a non-Apple employee (I am no
> | longer an intern at Apple anymore).  But really the C++ front-end
> | people are looking more and more dictators than maintainers.
> | Making the wrong decision.
> So, the right decision is to approve patch from Objective-C++ people
> modifying the C++ front-end without C++ people saying nothing?  You
> must have a singular definition or "dictator".

Note that I really don't give a d*** about Obj-C++, I don't think C++ 
maintainers are dictators, and I don't want to get into the discussion
about the technical deficiencies or merits of Zem's patch or of hooks.

But it is certainly true that the judgement of C++ maintainers is hard
to follow for outsiders, sometimes.  A lengthy flamewar follows on every
patch Zem posts, while others are somehow allowed to completely rewrite
the C++ lexical analysis in stage3 and not get a single question about
that from any C++ maintainer.

Gaby, note that Zem *did* ask "C++ people" for their opinion on his
patch this time, with questions like "Would that be OK..." and "Please
advise".  "Pretty please" really should not be necessary for anyone to
get a C++ patch approved (or disproved) without a flame war.


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