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Re: Release RTL bodies after compilation (sometimes)

On Wed, 2004-09-15 at 13:03, David Edelsohn wrote:
> >>>>> Mike Stump writes:
> Mike> If performance isn't an issue, then we should remove ggc_free.  It it 
> Mike> is, we should keep it, at least until such time as another technology 
> Mike> is proven to replace the need for it.
> Mike> We should not allow people that don't care about performance to stop 
> Mike> those that do, from achieving it.
> 	Mike, that is fallacious reasoning.

>   The discussion is about
> ggc_free, not performance.  ggc_free does not automatically equate with
> performance.  Linking the two issues and then arguing that people who
> disagree with ggc_free are not interested in performance and are
> inhibiting developers trying to improve performance is inappropriate and
> unwarranted.
Not only is it unwarranted, the idea that those of us who think
ggc_free is generally bad don't care about performance is totally
wrong.  Speaking strictly for myself, performance issues are 
my top GCC priority right now.


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