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Re: Patch to move warning for X<=Y<=Z from -W to -Wparentheses

On Tue, 20 Jul 2004, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
This patch moves the warning about comparisons such as X<=Y<=Z from
-Wextra into -Wparentheses.
Would you mind adding a short note to gcc-3.5/changes.html?
I'm still unconvinced that such trivial tweaks to which warnings on in
what option deserve mention in the release notes (cf.
<>); though in this
case there was no bug report requesting the move, if anything that makes
it less significant and less worthy of comment.

My reasoning was/is that users may need to adjust their Makefiles to get the original behavior they may have come to rely upon.

But perhaps you have specific criteria in mind for what changes merit (a) mention on release notes, (b) mention on the front page of, (c) mention on gcc-announce.

In my opinion, everything that requires a user to edit a Makefile or source code is a good candidate for being mentioned in the release notes.

Larger accomplishments, either as part of a specific, focused project, or
long term committment, merit mention on the front page.  Examples include
things like tree-ssa, new backends, major advances in optimization or
standards compliance

gcc-announce for new releases and announcements of frontends or backends
being dropped, for example.


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