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Re: [Bug bootstrap/16250] [3.4.1 regression] ada/doctools runs makeinfoeven in release tarball

This patch should fix the problem with the 3.4.1 regression that Michael

It has been tested under 3.4 with i686-pc-cygwin by building with
followed by rebuilding in a clean tree from the resultant directory
without that switch.

The former case does put three ada info files into $(srcdir)/gcc/doc
In the latter case, those same info files, as well as the xgnatugn
executable and its generated .texi file do not get rebuilt.

OK to install?

(D'oh! I'll attach the patch this time)
2004-06-30  Kelley Cook  <>

	* gcc_update: Add gnat_ugn_unw.texi and

2004-06-30  Kelley Cook  <>

	* (doc/gnat_ugn_unw.texi): Eliminate explicit
	dependency on xgnatugn, instead build it via a submake.
	(ADA_INFOFILES): Add doc/gnat_ugn_unw.texi.

diff -prud gcc-3.4.1-20040625/contrib/gcc_update gcc-3.4.1/contrib/gcc_update
--- gcc-3.4.1-20040625/contrib/gcc_update	2004-06-09 05:15:14.000000000 -0400
+++ gcc-3.4.1/contrib/gcc_update	2004-06-30 09:54:12.892552400 -0400
@@ -67,6 +67,8 @@ gcc/ gcc/
 gcc/fixinc/fixincl.x: gcc/fixinc/fixincl.tpl gcc/fixinc/inclhack.def
 # And then, language-specific files
 gcc/f/intdoc.texi: gcc/f/ gcc/f/intdoc.c gcc/f/intrin.h gcc/f/intrin.def
+gcc/doc/gnat_ugn_unw.texi: gcc/ada/gnat_ugn.texi gcc/ada/ug_words
+gcc/doc/ gcc/doc/gnat_ugn_unw.texi
 gcc/cp/cfns.h: gcc/cp/cfns.gperf
 gcc/java/keyword.h: gcc/java/keyword.gperf
 # testsuite
diff -prud gcc-3.4.1-20040625/gcc/ada/ gcc-3.4.1/gcc/ada/
--- gcc-3.4.1-20040625/gcc/ada/	2004-06-09 05:20:41.000000000 -0400
+++ gcc-3.4.1/gcc/ada/	2004-06-30 09:52:30.668619600 -0400
@@ -448,9 +448,13 @@ ada/doctools/xgnatugn$(build_exeext): ad
 	$(CP) $^ ada/doctools
 	cd ada/doctools && gnatmake -q xgnatugn
-doc/gnat_ugn_unw.texi : ada/doctools/xgnatugn$(build_exeext) \
-	$(srcdir)/ada/gnat_ugn.texi $(srcdir)/ada/ug_words
-	ada/doctools/xgnatugn unw $(srcdir)/ada/gnat_ugn.texi $(srcdir)/ada/ug_words doc/gnat_ugn_unw.texi
+# Note that gnat_ugn_unw.texi does not depend on xgnatugn 
+# being built so we can distribute a pregenerated
+doc/gnat_ugn_unw.texi: $(srcdir)/ada/gnat_ugn.texi $(srcdir)/ada/ug_words
+	$(MAKE) ada/doctools/xgnatugn$(build_exeext)
+	ada/doctools/xgnatugn unw $(srcdir)/ada/gnat_ugn.texi \
+	   $(srcdir)/ada/ug_words doc/gnat_ugn_unw.texi
 doc/ doc/gnat_ugn_unw.texi \
    $(docdir)/include/fdl.texi $(docdir)/include/gcc-common.texi
@@ -475,7 +479,7 @@ doc/ ada/gnat-style.texi
             -I$(srcdir)/ada -o $@ $<; \
 	else true; fi
+ADA_INFOFILES = doc/ doc/gnat_ugn_unw.texi \
                 doc/ doc/ $(ADA_INFOFILES)

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