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Re: RFC: using -Wno-variadic-macros in stage 1

Roger Sayle wrote:
>Not to disuade you from using -Wno-variadic-macros during stage1, but
>I've been waiting for the tree-ssa merge to fix this correctly.  The
>variadic macro is for backward compatabilty whilst all calls to "build"
>are upgraded to use buildN instead, i.e. "build1", "build2", "build3"...

I was thinking, actually, that none of this would be an issue if GCC could
inline varargs functions.  Which is certainly technically feasible with
tree-inlining.  To do it properly requires automatically rewriting the
varargs-related parts of the function in the copy used for inlining, but
I can think of at least two ways to do it.

>Anyway, once the variadic "build" in tree.h is gone, we'll probably want
>to re-enable these compilation warnings in stage1.
However, at that point we'll want to re-enable them in stage2 as well.  My
secret goal was to make the stage 1 warning flags more similar to the
stage 2 warning flags, so that makes me happy.  :-)

So I will go ahead and commit my change.

Make sure your vote will count.

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