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Re: [PATCH] GNU/k*BSD support (with ChangeLog) for gcc

>> > 2004-03-15  Robert Millan  <>
>> >	* config/freebsd-spec.h: Define __FreeBSD_kernel__.

> [...] Our system, however, uses GNU libc and not FreeBSD libc. The
> only component it shares with FreeBSD is the kernel. Therefore, we
> need a new macro for the kernel, that can be shared with pure
> FreeBSD systems, but is not tied to other userland components like
> __FreeBSD__ is.

Then, I must reject that thunk of your patch.  Main reason:

As posted, your patch has __FreeBSD_kernel__ just mirroring
__FreeBSD__ .  I.e. it does nothing extra for you; at least, not the
stated intention.

Before you try: No patch which disables __FreeBSD__ from appearing on
FreeBSD will likely be accepted (the bar is this: get the system
compiler guys to accept a new macro scheme before we will pull it into
the FSF tree).  In usage I've seen, that symbol implies little about
libc.  Doesn't glibc already define extra symbols in its own headers?


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