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committed: Ada updates

Tested on x86-linux
2004-03-18  Arnaud Charlet  <>

	* 5atpopsp.adb: Remove RTEMS from list of platforms using this file.

	Code clean up:
	* 5ataprop.adb, 5ftaprop.adb, 5htaprop.adb, 5itaprop.adb, 5staprop.adb,
	5vtaprop.adb, 5wtaprop.adb, 7staprop.adb (Finalize_TCB): Use
	Specific.Set instead of direct call to e.g pthread_setspecific.

2004-03-18  Thomas Quinot  <>

	* adaint.c: Update comments.


2004-03-18  Jose Ruiz  <>

	* init.c [VxWorks]: Do not fix the stack size for the environment task.
	When needed (stack checking) the stack size is retrieved
	from the VxWorks kernel.

	* Flag -nostdinc is required when building the run time
	for avoiding looking for files in the base compiler.
	Add the VxWorks specific version of the package body for
	System.Stack_checking.Operations (5zstchop.adb).

	* Add the object file for

	* Makefile.rtl: Add object file for the package

	*, s-stchop.adb, 5zstchop.adb: New files.

	*, s-stache.adb: Move the operations related to stack
	checking from this package to package System.Stack_Checking.Operations.
	This way, stack checking operations are only linked in the final
	executable when using the -fstack-check flag.

2004-03-18  Doug Rupp  <>

	* [VMS]: Handle 64 bit specs (,
	Reorganize ifeq's.

	*, New files.

2004-03-18  Vincent Celier  <>

	* prj.adb (Reset): Reset hash table Files_Htable

	* prj-env.adb (Source_Paths, Object_Paths): New tables.
	(Add_To_Source_Path, Add_To_Object_Path): New procedures, to replace
	the procedures Add_To_Path_File.
	(Set_Ada_Paths): Accumulate source and object dirs in the tables,
	making sure that each directory is present only once and, for object
	dirs, when a directory already present is added, the duplicate is
	removed and the directory is always put as the last in the table.
	Write the path files at the end of these accumulations.

	* prj-nmsc.adb (Record_Source): Add source file name in hash table
	Files_Htable for all sources.

	* prj-proc.adb (Process): Remove restrictions between not directly
	related extending projects.

2004-03-18  Emmanuel Briot  <>

	*, prj-nmsc.adb (Ada_Check): New parameter Trusted_Mode.
	(Find_Sources): Minor speed optimization.

	*, prj-proc.adb (Check, Recursive_Check, Process): New
	parameter Trusted_Mode.

2004-03-18  Sergey Rybin  <>

	* scn.adb (Determine_License): Take into account a degenerated case
	when the source contains only comments.

2004-03-18  Ed Schonberg  <>

	* sem_warn.adb (Check_References): For a warning on a selected
	component that does not come from source, locate an uninitialized
	component of the record type to produce a more precise error message.

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