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Re: committed: PR ada/14350 fix

Paolo Bonzini wrote:

Now that it has become a monster program with all sorts of
dependencies between the macros, sh and m4 are a poor implementation

You're probably right, but I think that having to deal with the legacy of thousands of configure scripts, some of which extremely complex such as Emacs, gcc or glibc (only to remain within the FSF realm), I do not see a way to move away from sh and m4. At least without requiring a reengineering work which is much bigger than what is required by Autoconf 2.5x.

As to the naming of autoconf 2.5x, I believe that Akim Demaille wanted to move much further for Autoconf 3, but did not understand (at least before it was too late) how slow the autoconf development cycle must be, and how slowly configure scripts generated with newer versions spread. Indeed the problem with autoconf's development cycle is that portability problems usually do not happen at autoconf users' machines, but a level further: at configure script users' machines. This slows down considerably the reporting of bug reports.


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