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Re: [RFC] speed up compute_store_table

Hi Richard,

On Thu, 27 Nov 2003, Richard Earnshaw wrote:
> <date>  Richard Earnshaw  <>
> 	* gcse.c (reg_clear_last_set): New function.
> 	(reg_set_info): If data is non-null, treat it as an sbitmap of
> 	registers, set the bit for the register being set.
> 	(compute_store_table): Allocate last_set_in with xcalloc.  Do not
> 	memset this array on each iteration.  Pass reg_set_in_block[bb->index]
> 	to note_stores while computing last_set_in instead of scanning
> 	last_set_in after the first pass through the insns.
> 	Clear last_set_in using reg_clear_last_set instead of explicitly
> 	rescanning after each insn.  If checking is enabled, assert that
> 	last_set_in is completely zeroed after each bb has been processed.

This looks OK for mainline, given that it addresses "3.4 compile-time"
which may be considered a regression from previous releases.  If any
other reviewer objects, we can always move the patch to tree-ssa and
revert it from mainline.

Many thanks.


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