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PATCH - cse of sub-expressions of zero_extend/sign_extend expressions

We found this after implementing mixed 32/64 bit mode on RS6000 in the FSF3.4 branch. It causes certain cse
optimization not to take place in Vortex program of the SPEC benchmark. A sample test case is shown below.
In this test case and with -O2 -mpowerpc64 (darwin's 32/64 bit mixed mode), the if-statement is not eliminated.

int RegionObjects;

void OmNewObject (void** Object)
    void* Ptr = 0;

    Ptr = (void* )RegionObjects;
    *Object = (void*)RegionObjects;

    if (Ptr != *Object)
        RegionObjects = 4567;

FSF3.4 now generates new patterns with -mpowerpc64 even when 'long long' is not in use.
A case in point is routine rs6000_emit_move. Since in this mode, word_mode is DImode, source is promoted to
DImode using zero_extend insn. New patterns is not recognized in cse.

Cause of the problem is the following two insns:

(insn 24 23 26 0 (set (mem:SI (reg/v/f:SI 118 [ Object ]) [0 S4 A32]) (1)
(reg:SI 126 [ RegionObjects ])) -1 (nil)

(insn 24 22 25 0 (set:DI (reg:DI 130) (2)
(zero_extend:DI (mem:SI (reg/v/f:SI 118 [ Object ]) [0 S4 A32]))) -1 (nil)

The mem sub-expression of 'zero_extend' insn (2) is common with LHS of 'set' insn (1). But hashing is done on the
'zero_extend' opcode and thus commonality goes undetected. This patch does 2nd level of hash lookup when the
primary lookup on the zero_extend insn fails. Patch has been bootstrapped and dejagnu tested on powerpc-darwin.
Vortex which exposed this problem also passes and expected optimization takes place.


2003-11-20  Fariborz Jahanian <>
        * cse.c (cse_insn): common sub-expression of
        zero_extend/sign_extend need be eliminated.

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Fariborz Jahanian <>

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