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Re: [patch] darwin shared/dylibed library support

Geoff Keating wrote:

I'm back again with this patch.

Last time posted it I got a partly approval but I was not happy with
since the libgcj testsuite blocked my machine. This was under darwin6.3.
Now I run darwin7.0.0 and the situation has improved. Well, on
darwin7.0.0 it is the only way to get the libgcj run. With a static
build of libgcj I end up here:

With this patch applied you can see the results here:

I made a test on the host_os to see if we can build libgcj dylibed or
not. This is to distinguish between OS-X 10.2 and 10.3.

Hopefully it is ok. I know, it's a bit late for 3.4, but now it's upon
you to decide whether if it is welcome in 3.4 or not :)


This is OK, please commit it.

Committed, THANKS.

There are some small fixes I test right now. Pointed out by Andrew P.

(multilib, which does not exist anymore, install path of libgcc_s.dylib)

Regarding the libjava and libstdc++ people, I apologize not having sent the patch to these lists. I made the assumption that most of them read the gcc-patches too.
Also, I only modified some *.exp in libjava and libstdc++. I hope they are ok. Otherwise I immediately revert.

Thank you again.

Regards, Andreas

Ready to be flamed :)

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