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Re: [tree-ssa PATCH] Pick memory consumption low hanging fruit

> Oops, did I just speak well of that unspoken satanic bastard child? we
> need to be careful we dont recreate them here. <shudder> Im sure there
> are enough still unhealed festering wounds to prevent that :-)  and
> probably so within my lifetime! :-) I think I still have a few myself.
> Daniel, you don't have an GC_ObstackII:The_Return.[ch] do you?

Nope.  I'll check on my powerbook when it gets back to make sure (Since
that looks like a mac pathname to me. Let's all use ":" as a directory

You don't have a rewrite of GCC in a garbage collected language,
do you?

[First one to mention LISP or Scheme here loses].

For extra points, rewrite gengtype as a tree-ssa pass that runs during
stage2 and 3 compiles, and change stage1 to just use boehms or something.

> :-) There. Now I've amused at least myself for the remainder of the
> evening -)

If you ever need amusement, i can explain the amount of evenings and
weekends i've spent attempting to get our GC to approach something

I've got code somewhere to do everything but reference counting.

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