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Re: [PATCH] Use back end exceptions for Ada on ia64

Arnaud Charlet <charlet@ACT-Europe.FR> writes:

>> The ia64 back end has perfectly working exception support.
> You still need to fully test this kind of major change.

Given that sjlj exceptions are completely non-functional (due to a mismatch
in sizeof(jmp_buf)) and that dwarf2 unwinding is part of the ABI it does
not make sense to not use back end exceptions.

> Did it produce a clean run when doing a make check-ada ?

It seems like tasking support is broken (quite a few tests are hanging),
probably because much of the sysdep part of the RTS is still not ported to
ia64.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to debug this:

Die: DW_TAG_subrange_type (abbrev = 11, offset = 44398)
        has children: FALSE
                DW_AT_name (DW_FORM_strp) string: "system__os_interface__unsigned_char"
                DW_AT_lower_bound (DW_FORM_data1) constant: 0
                DW_AT_upper_bound (DW_FORM_data1) constant: 255
                DW_AT_type (DW_FORM_ref4) constant: 432
Dwarf Error: Cannot find type of die [in module /tmp/cvs/gcc-20031118/Build/gcc/testsuite/ada/acats/tests/c9/c974009/c974009]


Andreas Schwab, SuSE Labs,
SuSE Linux AG, Deutschherrnstr. 15-19, D-90429 Nürnberg
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