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Re: Ada is still broken on AMD64 and IA64 (Richard Kenner) writes:

>     But now I get:
>     | 3.4 20031114 (experimental) (x86_64-suse-linux-gnu) Gigi abort, Code=414
>     Any ideas here?
> I mentioned that in my message, the change to ada/utils.c to clean up
> precision vs. bitsize stuff:

This fixes the build problem of the runtime library, but there is still an
issue left:

../../xgcc -B../../ -DIN_GCC   `echo -g -W -Wall -Wwrite-strings -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes -pedantic -Wno-long-long -fno-common  |sed -e 's/-pedantic//g' -e 's/-Wtraditional//g'`   -o ../../gnatmake b_gnatm.o ctrl_c.o ali.o ali-util.o s-casuti.o alloc.o atree.o binderr.o butil.o casing.o csets.o debug.o elists.o einfo.o erroutc.o errutil.o err_vars.o fmap.o fname.o fname-uf.o fname-sf.o gnatmake.o gnatvsn.o hostparm.o krunch.o lib.o make.o makeusg.o mlib.o mlib-fil.o mlib-prj.o mlib-tgt.o mlib-utl.o namet.o nlists.o opt.o osint.o osint-m.o output.o prj.o prj-attr.o prj-com.o prj-dect.o prj-env.o prj-err.o prj-ext.o prj-nmsc.o prj-pars.o prj-part.o prj-proc.o prj-strt.o prj-tree.o prj-util.o rident.o scans.o scng.o sdefault.o sfn_scan.o s-purexc.o s-htable.o sinfo.o sinput.o sinput-c.o sinput-p.o snames.o stand.o stringt.o styleg.o stylesw.o validsw.o switch.o switch-m.o table.o targparm.o tempdir.o tree_io.o types.o uintp.o  uname.o urealp.o usage.o widechar.o 
      ../rts/libgnat.a  ../../prefix.o ../../version.o ../../../libiberty/libiberty.a  
../rts/libgnat.a(s-stratt.o)(.text+0x832): In function `system.stream_attributes.i_llf':
/tmp/cvs/gcc-20031117/Build/gcc/ada/rts/s-stratt.adb:276: undefined reference to `__trunctfxf2'
../rts/libgnat.a(s-stratt.o)(.text+0x1732): In function `system.stream_attributes.w_llf':
/tmp/cvs/gcc-20031117/Build/gcc/ada/rts/s-stratt.adb:555: undefined reference to `__extendxftf2'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I have no idea why TFmode comes into play here.


Andreas Schwab, SuSE Labs,
SuSE Linux AG, Deutschherrnstr. 15-19, D-90429 Nürnberg
Key fingerprint = 58CA 54C7 6D53 942B 1756  01D3 44D5 214B 8276 4ED5
"And now for something completely different."

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