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Re: [revised] Patch to add return_in_msb target hook

Hi Richard,
On 16 Nov 2003, Richard Sandiford wrote:
> ...needs a global or middle-end maintainer!
> 	* (expr.o): Depend on $(TARGET_H).
> 	* target.h (return_in_msb): New target hook.
> 	* target-def.h (TARGET_RETURN_IN_MSB): New macro.
> 	(TARGET_CALLS): Include it.
> 	* calls.c (shift_returned_value): New function.
> 	(expand_call): Use it.
> 	* expr.c: Include target.h.
> 	(copy_blkmode_from_reg): Check targetm.calls.return_in_msb when
> 	deciding what padding is needed.  Change the name of the local
> 	padding variable from big_endian_correction to padding_correction.
> 	* stmt.c (shift_return_value): New function.
> 	(expand_return): Use it.  Adjust memory->register copy in the same
> 	way as copy_blkmode_from_reg.  Only change the return register's
> 	mode if it was originally BLKmode.
> 	* doc/tm.texi (TARGET_RETURN_IN_MSB): Document.
> 	* config/mips/mips.c (TARGET_RETURN_IN_MSB): Define.
> 	(mips_fpr_return_fields): New, split out from mips_function_value.
> 	(mips_return_in_msb, mips_return_fpr_pair): New functions.
> 	(mips_function_value): Rework to use the functions above.
> 	* config/mips/irix6-libc-compat.c: Delete.
> 	* config/mips/t-iris6 (LIB2FUNCS_STATIC_EXTRA): Undefine.

This is OK for mainline.


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