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Re: [tree-ssa] Removal of gotos from cfg based ir


On Fri, 14 Nov 2003 wrote:

> But more importantly in my mind is the design implications -- namely that
> the IL no longer represents the function.

In case of EH and non-call exceptions the insn stream _already_ doesn't
represent the function fully.  Sure the are the REG_EH_REGION tags, but
those also need side lookups, and are more directly handled by looking at
the CFG.

> The function's representation is the IL + the CFG in Zdenek's scheme.
> That's a fundamental design change

I'm not sure about the attribute 'fundamental', really, but for sure it's
a change ;)  I tried to give justification from an abstract pov in my mail
to Andrew.

> And for me at least, a fundamental design change needs to have large
> benefits, not minor ones.

Easier way to RTL cgf-layout mode for instance.  No fiddling with
consistency of CFG and insn stream.  No difference of fallthrough but no
goto, and other edges and goto.  Honza gave more detailed benefits.


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