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Re: 3.4 PATCH: Ada testsuite fixes

Arnaud Charlet writes:

> OK for me.

Thanks, installed.

> > * There's no timeout mechanism, so if any test goes into an endless loop,
> >   the whole testsuite run is blocked.
> That's indeed annoying.

I had a quick look at the scripts, and it's probably easier to provide a
dejagnu based testsuite for Ada instead of adding this capability.  I'll
try this when I find some time.

> > * The script copies the whole testsuite sources into the build tree.  This
> >   shouldn't be necessary (and takes quite some time).
> Several tests are tailored/modified by the script.

I'll see if we can only copy those modified files instead of the whole
gcc/testsuite/ada tree.

> > * The acats.log and acats.sum files are written to gcc/ada/testsuite/acats
> >   instead of gcc/testsuite/ada.{log,sum}.  No other testsuite uses subdirs
> >   off gcc/testsuite; this shouldn't be necessary here either.
> Certainly fine with me.

This will be a by-product of the dejagnu conversion, I suppose.


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