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Re: [tree-ssa] New regressions as of 2003-11-04


>  >> >>Lots of changes yesterday produced new regressions in C, C++, Fortran
>  >> >>and mudflap.  I think I know what the mudflap problem is, so I'll take
>  >> >>care of that.  Could you folks take a look at the new regressions and
>  >> >>see if they're related to your changes?
>  >> >>	 FAIL: gcc.dg/tree-ssa/20030814-4.c scan-tree-dump-times set = -1 0
>  >> >>	 FAIL: gcc.dg/tree-ssa/20030814-5.c scan-tree-dump-times set = -1 0
>  >> >OK.  After looking at these some more.  These are failures that are a
>  >> >combination of the COND_EXPR lowering and some sillyness in PRE.
>  >
>  >this patch adds a cfg-aware version of remove_useless_..., thus fixing
>  >these failures.
>  >
>  >	* basic-block.h (create_bb): Declaration changed.
>  >	* tree-cfg.c (create_bb): Enable creating a block on specified place.
>  >	(make_blocks, tree_split_edge, tree_make_forwarder_block): Use it.
>  >	(tree_verify_flow_info): Check bbs are in the correct order.
>  >	(cfg_remove_useless_stmts_bb, cfg_remove_useless_stmts): New.
>  >	(remove_unreachable_blocks): Remove missleading comments.
>  >	* tree-flow.h (cfg_remove_useless_stmts): Declare.
>  >	* tree-ssa.c (rewrite_out_of_ssa): Use cfg_remove_useless_stmts instead
>  >	of remove_useless_stmts_and_vars.
> So, has the cfg_remove_useless_stmts_bb code actually been bootstrapped and
> regression tested?
> I installed your latest version in my local tree and it clearly regresses on
> the GCC testsuite (doesn't correctly handle nonlocal gotos/abnormal edges)
> and it may also be causing a mis-compilation of libjava.

I have bootstrapped and regtested it on x86_64.  There were no new
regressions in c and c++ testsuites.  Libjava did not build, failing
with a 'gimplification failed' error.  I have posted the patch anyway,
hoping that the clearly unrelated failure in libjava is fixed soon so
that I am able to finish the testing.


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