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Re: [PATCH] PR libstdc++/12736 / C++-ABI demangler update.

>2003-11-10  Carlo Wood  <>
>        PR libstdc++/12736
>	* bits/demangle.h
>	(session<Allocator>::next_peek() const): Added.
>	(decode_non_negative_decimal_integer(string_type&)):
>	Renamed from decode_decimal_integer(string_type&).
>	(session<Allocator>::decode_nested_name):
>	Decode <template_param> as well.
>	(session<Allocator>::add_substitution):
>	Handle <template-param> for <nested-name>'s.
>	(enum xary_nt): Added.
>	(struct entry_st): Added member `xary_nt type' instead of `bool unary'.
>	(symbol_name_table_c): Updated for `entry_st::type' and additional
>	operators (unary `operator+' and `sizeof(type)').
>	(offset_table_c): Updated for new operators (causing a new hash map).
>	(decode_operator_name): Match the updated hash map.
>	(session<Allocator>::decode_expression):
>	Support for `sizeof ([typename] type)' (st),
>	dependent names (sr) and casting operator (cv).  Handle
>	(session<Allocator>::decode_type_with_postfix):
>	Support `extern "C"' function types (FY).

Looks good, thanks!


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