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Re: new ARM shift pattern for double

> This patch is two fold:
> 1) provide better shift patterns for DI values when the shift count is
>    const 1.
> 2) prevent using iwmmxt insns (or cirrus in the ashldi3 case) for shifting 
>    DI values when shift count is constant since the default strategy does
>    a better job already as arguments don't have to be moved back and 
>    forth between normal and coprocessor regs.
> Ideally neither 1 nor 2 should happen if the value to shift is known already
> siting in an iwmmxt/cirrus register, but since pattern matching happens
> before register allocation this doesn't seem to be simple.  So this patch
> assume it's not which is by far the common case anyway.
> There used to be a ashldi3 template mainly for use with the cirrus pattern
> before but I'm failing to find a reason for its presence.  The other iwmmxt
> patterns didn't seem to need such construct at all.
> Testing and inspection of generated code for cirrus, iwmmxt and plain ARM
> targets with various optimization levels show desired effect.
> <date>  Nicolas Pitre <>
> 	* config/arm/ (ashldi3, arm_ashldi3_1bit, ashrdi3,
> 	arm_ashrdi3_1bit, lshrdi3, arm_lshrdi3_1bit): New patterns.
> 	* config/arm/ (ashrdi3_iwmmxt): Renamed from ashrdi3.
> 	(lshrdi3_iwmmxt): Renamed from lshrdi3.
> 	* config/arm/arm.c (IWMMXT_BUILTIN2): Renamed argument accordingly.

This is ok, but I think it's getting a bit late in the development process 
to include it for 3.4.

I'm not sure whether or not Mark is accepting patches from 
non-CodeSourcery folks for the csl-arm-branch, but if he is, then I think 
this might be ok there.

You should also note that ashift (x const) is normally canonicalized by 
the optimizer to mult (x (2<<(const-1))).   We probably ought to have a 
similar matcher for arm_multdi3_const2.


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