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(RFC) (was Re: [PATCH] Improve SH literal pool generation.)

> > This had been suggested Joern Rennecke.
> >
> > and some of his earlier messages.
> > Also see these comments in sh.c (add_constant)
> > 2659 /* ??? This stuff should be done at the same time that 
> we shorten
> > branches.
> > 2660    As it is now, we must assume that all branches are 
> the maximum size,
> > and
> > 2661    this causes us to almost always output constant 
> pools sooner than
> > 2662    necessary.  */
> > 
> > The strategy is more or less as suggested in the link.
> I was really thinking of doing a full-blown branch shortening at the
> same time as constant pool allocation and branch splitting, also
> putting the constants from branch spiltting into constant pools.
> And all of that in machine-independent code.

Before I put in effort to make this machine-independent, I would like 
to get the opinion of other port maintainers. This might be useful 
for other ports. A grep for 'literal pools', 'literal table' show up 
s390, arm as candidate. 

Best Regards,
Naveen Sharma.

PS: Useful messages on understanding thr issues are:

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