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Re: PATCH - Minor changes to support 64bit int/32bit ABI for PPC

On Nov 10, 2003, at 2:48 PM, Toon Moene wrote:
Dale Johannesen wrote:

And there are already cases where we run out of memory at
compile time trying to compile SPEC2004, even with H_W_I set to 32...
Apparently, some people are more equal than others. When I requested information about SPEC2004 a month ago, I basically got a polite e-mail back that "they weren't handing out the code yet". Three weeks later I read that "the submission deadline is extended to March, 31, 2004".

I should have been more exact, I guess. Apple gets early drops of the SPEC2004 sources, but they're
still changing. I don't know the details of the arrangement, but Apple is a full member of the SPEC
consortium, and it wouldn't surprise me if such companies were more equal than others at this point.

Well, at least that gives my brother a chance to go for the $5000 with his "swirling flow with axial strain (in pipes)" code (strictly Fortran, of course :-)

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