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3.4 PATCH: Allow building IRIX 6 libgnat

As promised, here's the one-line patch that allows to build libgnat on IRIX 6.
With this change, I've successfully bootstrapped on mips-sgi-irix6.5 and

Test results look reasonable:

	=== ACATS tests ===
FAIL:	c34005a
FAIL:	c34005d
FAIL:	c34005g
FAIL:	c34005j
FAIL:	ce3806d
FAIL:	ce3806e
FAIL:	ce3810a
FAIL:	cxaa008
FAIL:	cxaa009
FAIL:	cxb3010
FAIL:	cxb3014

I haven't yet tried building O32 and N64 multilibs.  Will proper Ada
multilib support be done on the libada-branch?

Ok for mainline?


Rainer Orth, Faculty of Technology, Bielefeld University

Fri Nov  7 19:31:59 2003  Arnaud Charlet <charlet@ACT-Europe.FR>
			  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* ada/ (Functions_Return_By_DSP): Set to False.
	Works around PR middle-end/6552.

Index: gcc/ada/
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/ada/,v
retrieving revision 1.6
diff -u -p -r1.6
--- gcc/ada/	21 Oct 2003 13:41:51 -0000	1.6
+++ gcc/ada/	7 Nov 2003 14:01:33 -0000
@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ private
    Exit_Status_Supported     : constant Boolean := True;
    Fractional_Fixed_Ops      : constant Boolean := False;
    Frontend_Layout           : constant Boolean := False;
-   Functions_Return_By_DSP   : constant Boolean := True;
+   Functions_Return_By_DSP   : constant Boolean := False;
    Machine_Overflows         : constant Boolean := False;
    Machine_Rounds            : constant Boolean := True;
    OpenVMS                   : constant Boolean := False;

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