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Re: Your changes to Ada C files had several problems

> You also swapped the last two parameters of setup_to_install, causing
> exception related failures.

I now see how this occurred, since it was almost entirely an awk script change. In this particular instance the old-style declarations were unfortunately (and perfectly legitimately) not in the same order as the prototype for setup_to_install in raise.c as can be seen below.

-setup_to_install (uw_context, uw_exception, uw_landing_pad, uw_filter)
-     _Unwind_Context *uw_context;
-     _Unwind_Exception *uw_exception;
-     int uw_filter;
-     _Unwind_Ptr uw_landing_pad;
+setup_to_install (_Unwind_Context *uw_context,
+                  _Unwind_Exception *uw_exception,
+                  int uw_filter,
+                  _Unwind_Ptr uw_landing_pad)
 /* We should not be called if the appropriate underlying support is not

I have now hand checked the entire patch I committed and that was not the case for any other function in the patch.

I am sorry for the waste of your team's time in tracking down this surely hard to find bug I introduced.

> Please wait for an Ada maintainer to OK your patch before making
> changes in the Ada tree next time, thanks. As you can see, your
> changes were not as obvious as they looked.

Will do, especially since I do not know ada. The only upcoming patches I see coming your way will be for the Makefile.

Kelley Cook

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