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Re: Question on -Werror usage in Makefiles...

> Yes.  I used to have sol2.h including sys/mman.h to eliminate the
> warning, but Alex removed it a long time ago.  See:

Ah! yes, thanks for the pointer.

> The current situation is entirely silly, non-solaris implementations
> include sol2.h.  So e.g. they define "sun" even though they're not
> from Sun Microsystems.  At the same time they prevent us from
> including legitimate solaris2 headers like sys/mman.h.

I agree this is a mess.

> Long term we should fix this by splitting the solaris stuff from the
> elf? svr4? stuff or whatever it is they have in common, however short
> term we can fix the warning by prototyping mprotect manually in the

Just to fix the warning? This seems like sweeping the problem under the rug 
to me. Which version of the prototype would you choose?

> This requires a fixinclude patch.  We already do similar fixinclude
> hacks in solaris_mutex_init_1 and solaris_mutex_init_2.  I'm working
> on something, but my time is limited so it may take a little while.
> This is something we should fix regardless of whether the target file
> -Werror patch is reverted.

On mainline?

Eric Botcazou

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