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Re: Your changes to Ada C files had several problems

On Nov 3, 2003, at 7:28 PM, Arnaud Charlet wrote:

There were several problems with your changes:

2003-10-30 Kelley Cook <>

* adadecode.c, adaint.c, argv.c, aux-io.c, cal.c, cio.c, cstreams.c,
ctrl_c.c, cuintp.c, decl.c, errno.c, exit.c, expect.c, final.c,
gigi.h, gmem.c, gnatbl.c, init.c, misc.c, mkdir.c, raise.c, socket.c,
sysdep.c, sysdep.c, targtyps.c, tb-alvms.c, tb-alvxw.c, tracebak.c,
trans.c, utils.c, utils2.c: Convert function prototypes to C90.

First, there was a typo, fixed by:

2003-10-31 Andreas Schwab <>

* raise.c (get_action_description_for): Fix typo in last change.

Then, you forgot to update the copyright notice on many files.
You also introduced extra trailing blank spaces.

You also swapped the last two parameters of setup_to_install, causing
exception related failures.

Please wait for an Ada maintainer to OK your patch before making changes
in the Ada tree next time, thanks. As you can see, your changes were not
as obvious as they looked.

Except that prototype conversions are pre-approved, last i looked, and don't require approval from a specific maintainer.

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