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Re: [tree-ssa] Dumping line numbers


>  >> 	* tree-dump.c (dump_options): Add TDF_LINENO.
>  >> 	* tree-pretty-print.c (dump_generic_node): Print line number for
>  >> 	statements if asked to.
>  >> 	* tree.h (TDF_LINENO): New.
>  >> 
>  >This is OK, but you also need to update doc/invoke.texi.
>  >
>  >Since you're modifying this code, could you update tree_dump_bb to use
>  >TDF_LINENO instead of manually adding line numbers?
> Yes yes yes.  One of the more annoying things I run into is spurious 
> diffs when comparing tree dumps that two compilers gives when compiling
> identical sourcecode which is stored in two different filenames.
> If I understand what you're asking for, we would stop printing that
> information unless it was explicitly asked for.  Which would certainly
> make my life easier from time to time...

sounds good to me; the problem is that tree_dump_bb does not take any
flags argument.  Perhaps we could switch off printing lines there by
default; it does not seem somehow terribly useful.


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