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Re: [RFA/RFT] libffi reorg

Paolo Bonzini wrote:

Did you rebuild configure?  I did not attach the patch for it because it is
already big enough as is.

Yep, I did, autoconf-2.13, automake-1.4 Do I need autoheader as well?

What makes me confused is the occurence of two fficonfig.h on in
toplevel and another one in include. Is this meant in this direction?
The two files have different contents here.

No, fficonfig.h should be removed from include.  That's one of the points of
my patch.  Indeed it should be in .cvsignore; it is an error in my patch if
it is in include.

What I meant is here:

echo Moving ${srcdir}/src/$TARGETDIR/ffitarget.h to include/fficonfig.h
cp ${srcdir}/src/$TARGETDIR/ffitarget.h include/fficonfig.h

In the toplevel builddir I have a fficonfig.h and in the include as well. This is what I get confused about. The same name for two different files in different locations.

The one in toplevel gets built by configure. The second is copied as seen above.

So either it should do something like this:

+test ! -d include && mkdir include
+test ! -f include/ffitarget.h && cp ${srcdir}/src/$TARGETDIR/ include/ffitarget.h
+if cmp -s ${srcdir}/src/$TARGETDIR/ffitarget.h include/ffitarget.h 2>/dev/null; then
+ echo include/ffitarget.h unchanged
+ echo Moving ${srcdir}/src/$TARGETDIR/ffitarget.h to include/fficonfig.h
+ cp ${srcdir}/src/$TARGETDIR/ffitarget.h include/ffitarget.h

Or I don't see the mechanics yet.



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