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[RFA/RFT] libffi reorg

Here is a (big) patch based on an idea that rth had back in April.  Anthony
forwarded me the patch, I mostly redid it but I kept the concept.  Now that
there's a nice testsuite it's time to revive it.

> The intent here is to move the bulk of the runtime configury into per-cpu
> header files instead of ifdefs in ffi.h.  It also cleans up some namespace
> issues, such that nothing that doesn't start with FFI_ or ffi_ is seen in
> the header files.

The only non-FFI_-prefixed symbols that remain are those for the target.
Removing them is harder than it looks because some of them are used or even
defined by the ffitarget.h files.

All machine-dependent directories are modified for the new scheme.
Unluckily I only tested on x86.

Either the patch can be applied as is, with maintainers trying to fix the
failures (if any), or people can send me the reports for failed platforms
(or patches to make them build :-) and I can collect them and repost the
patch.  Of course I'd prefer the former...

I have no copyright form for gcc yet, but libffi is not copyrighted FSF


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