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"first use this function" incorrect for C++

#import ==> once-only

Re: #import, #pragma once yadda yadda mumble grumble

*ping* [PATCH] unit-at-a-time for java

Re: /usr/local/libexec support

3.3 PATCH: One more Makefile bit

3.4 PATCH: Fix bootstrap failure with SGI's MIPSpro C 7.3

3.4 PATCH: Fix Tru64 UNIX V4.0F bootstrap failure in ggc-common.c

3.4 PATCH: Fully support GNU linker in libtool on IRIX 5/6

Re: [3.3 PATCH] multilib fix for sh-linux target

[3.3 PATCH] sh-linux specific fixes

Re: [3.3.1 Doc patch] Backport doco changes from Mainline

[3.3/mainline] fix bug in GCSE

Re: [3.3/mainline] PR target/9929

[applied mips patch] fix ".set nomacro" in fix_trunc?fsi2_macro

Re: [Bug c++/11614] Incorrect handling of pointers to arrays

[Bug libgcj/11575] [win32] Problem with RandomAccessFile - patch

Re: [Bug middle-end/11996] Compiling libjava ICE's.

[C PATCH]: Vector type init

[C++ PATCH,committed] Fix PR5767 (Error recovery in cp_parser_class_name)

[C++ Patch] Fix 11553 (duplicated friend specifier)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Fix 11614

[C++ PATCH] Fix 11871

[C++ PATCH] Fix 11945

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR 11679: Varray out-of-bounds ICE in--enable-checking mode

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR11174 (pmf access checking)

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR5369 (Member function of class template as friend)

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR641, 11876 (Excessive friend declaration warning)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Fix PR641, 11876 (Excessive friend declarationwarning)

[C++ patch] fix thunks on PPC

Re: [C++ patch] one more missed mark_used


[C++ Patch] PR 11551 (typedef name accepted in destructor declaration)

Re: [C++ patch] PR 11702

[C++ Patch] PR 3761 (ICE in check_template_shadow)

[C++ Patch] PR 4100 (friend specifier with class definition)

[C++ Patch] PRs 9781 10310 (ICE with illegal template)

[C++ PATCH] tidy

[C++ PATCH]: Boring reformatting

[C++ PATCH]: error location fix

[C++ PATCH]: Fix (a bit more of) 9447

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 10530

Re: [C++ PATCH]: Fix 11295 - Make statement exprs work properly inC++

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 11512

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 11525

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 11670

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 11704

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 11766

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 11957

[C++ PATCH]: Fix another bit of 9447

[C++ PATCH]: Instantiation context for bases

[C++ PATCH]: Make non-dependent exprs more friendly

Re: [C++ PATCH]: Make template args always be vectors

[C++ PATCH]: Remove unneeded parameter

[C++] My unreviewed patches

[C-- patch] PR 11702

[commit] Remove GDB from m32r's nobuild list

[committed] cleanups to config.gcc

[Committed] Correct comment in apply_distributive_law

[committed] document config.build minimally

Re: [committed] Fix bug in unsupported target list in config.gcc

[committed] Fix bug in unsupported targets list in config.gcc

[committed] fix vsta bogosity in config.gcc

[committed] minipatch to use bool in cp/typeck2.c

[committed] remove 'for x in .. ${foo}' idiom from configure.in

[cs] _cpp_clean_lines patch

[cs] cp compile-server patches

[cs] cpplib patches to compile server

[cs] Fix C++ pch building

[cs] Fix PCH

[cs] framework patches

[cs] last c-only set of patches: gcc.c toplev.c

[cs] merged compile-server branch

[cs] move init_reg_modes call

[cs] new init_once langhook patch

[cs] new restore_fragment macro

[cs] objc compile-server patches

[cs] PATCH defer macro callbacks

[cs] patch to call _cpp_pop_buffer for main file

[cs] patches to c-common.[ch]

[cs] patches to c-common.def opts.c common.opt flags.h

[cs] patches to c-decl.c c-objc-common.c tree.h

[cs] patches to c-lang.c c-ops.c c-tree.h

[cs] re-order initialization

[cs] some c-opts.c simplification

[cs] Various init_c_lex patches

Re: [distcc] gcc bootstraps with distcc

[fixinc patch] Add disabled hacks from old fixincludes 1/5

[fixinc patch] Add disabled hacks from old fixincludes 2/5

[fixinc patch] Add disabled hacks from old fixincludes 2/5 v.2

[fixinc patch] Add disabled hacks from old fixincludes 3/5

[fixinc patch] Add disabled hacks from old fixincludes 4/5

[fixinc patch] Add disabled hacks from old fixincludes 5/5

[fixinc patch] Correct 2/3 failing test cases

[fixinc patch] Enable sys/byteorder.h replacement for DYNIX/ptx

[fixinc patch] Fix last failing testcase

[fixinc patch] Put _KERNEL hack into regular fixincludes

Re: [fixinc patch] Remove code for obsolete PTX 1, 2 from inclhack.def

[fixinc patch] Remove code for obsolete PTX 1, 2 from inclhack.def

[fixinc patch] Remove mkfixinc.sh cases for unsupported arm,hppa variants

Re: [fixinc patch] Remove mkfixinc.sh cases for unsupported arm,hppavariants

[fixinc, committed] Remove more special case code for unsupported triplets

[fixinc] Fixing the last recalcitrant test case

[fixincludes patch] Add getrnge() fix for svr4, version 2

[fixincludes patch] Fix sys/signal.h on svr4 systems in regular fixincludes

[fixincludes patch] Make broken_cabs match more generously

[Fwd: Commit approval pls: PR 9877, 8336, plus other stuff]

[Fwd: Re: [fixinc patch] Put _KERNEL hack into regular fixincludes]

Re: [G95] Add DESTDIR support to fortran/make-lang-in

Re: [GCSE PATCH]: make complexity cut off less binary

Re: [gfortran] [PATCH] cleanup in libgfortran

[gfortran] Allocate bugfix

[gfortran] Builtin functions

[gfortran] Dependency tweaks

[gfortran] Implement MODULO

[gfortran] Minimum exponents for real kinds

[gfortran] Result variables

[gfortran] Testsuite fix

[janitor] Further prototype conversions

[java] Fix detection of gcj when building with newlib

[libava/win32]: Don't add dll[im/ex]port attributes to libgcj, unless dll build

[libiberty] Improve copyright/license notice for cp-demangle.c

[libiberty] Update libiberty to autoconf 2.5x

[libobjc patch] Fix libobjc/gc.c compilation error

[libstdc++ PATCH] do not override PACKAGE

[libstdc++ PATCH] libstdc++ debug mode (fourth try)

[libstdc++ PATCH] Trivial fix for char_traits::not_eof

[libstdc++] Add --disable-hosted-libstdcxx, clean up conditionals

Re: [libstdc++] Add --disable-hosted-libstdcxx, clean upconditionals

[libstdc++] Cosmetic cleanup of all Makefile.am's, and @x@ -> $(x)

[libstdc++] Factor out common makefile fragments, cleanup

[libstdc++] Initialize terminate() handler based on hosted vs freestanding

[libstdc++] Kill CC, fix PACKAGE, properly quote variables in makefiles

[libstdc++] Minor config cleanups, abstract subdirs

[libstdc++] Tweaks to run_doxygen

Re: [libstdc++] Update comments in testsuite files, add dummy tool file.

[libstdc++] new autotools and cleanup: cutover

[libstdc++] new autotools and cleanup: documentation

[libstdc++] new autotools and cleanup: libstdc++.pot

[libstdc++] new autotools and cleanup: rename configure.in

[libstdc++] new autotools and cleanup: testsuite

Re: [libstdc++] Un-precious the CC-related variables

[libstdc++] Un-precious the CC-related variables (was Re: autoconf 2.57 & setting of CC)

[m68k] Add ffssi2 pattern for MCF528x

[m68k] Adjust costs for mul/div instructions on ColdFire cores

[m68k] ColdFire long long support

[m68k] conversion to ISO C90

[m68k] Fix and improve ColdFire function prologue/epilogue generation

[m68k] Initial support for new ColdFire cores.

[m68k] Remove dead code

[mainline] C++ PATCH: Tidy name hiding

[mainline] C++ PATCH: set up initial bits for pretty-printing

[mainline] C++: Fix part of PR 11811

[mainline] PATCH to diagnostic initialization

[mainline] PATCH to pretty-print.[ch]

[mainline] PATCH to pretty-printer machinery

[mainline] PATCH: More on pretty-printing

[mainline] PATCH: Fix spelling thinko

[mips patch RFA] add -mfix-sb1 to work around SB-1 CPU errata.

Re: [mips patch RFA] add -mfix-sb1 to work around SB-1 CPUerrata.

[mips patch RFA] handle trap_if with DI-mode arguments.

[mips patch' RFA] handle trap_if with DI-mode arguments.

Re: [new-ra] "#if DENIS"

Re: [objc-improvements] Function pointer ivar issue fixed

[objc-improvements] How is it looking?

[objc-improvements] Message passing breaks when receiver type doesn't match promoted sender type (Was: How is it looking?)

[objc-improvements] Yet another set of fixes committed

[PATCH applied] sh-linux: Fix failures on libjava

Re: [patch preview] New target hooks

[patch v.2] Split config.build out from config.gcc

[PATCH, Checked-in] Fix g++.dg/parse/crash11.C

[Patch, committed] Forgotten dg-warning on uninit-E.c

[PATCH,committed] Add a testcase for fixed PR7983

[PATCH,committed] Add testcase for fixed PR9453

[PATCH,wwwdocs] Remove duplicate mailing list instructions (was Re: what mailing list to follow (for gcc-gfortran ?))

Re: [PATCH,wwwdocs] Remove duplicate mailing list instructions (wasRe: what mailing list to follow (for gcc-gfortran ?))

[PATCH/RFA] libffi SH patch

[PATCH/RFA] SH: Tidies up lib1funcs.asm

[PATCH] A few fixes for sh-linux port

[patch] Add 'getrnge' fix to regular fixincludes

[patch] Add name of loop_exit edge flag.

[PATCH] Always pass an open file descriptor to c_common_read_pch

Re: [PATCH] Always pass an open file descriptor toc_common_read_pch

[Patch] Bring i860 to a buildable state

[PATCH] Clean up builtin expansion logic

[patch] combine.c: Convert (ne (and (lshiftrt (xor X CST) Y) 1) 0)into (eq (and (lshiftrt X Y) 1) 0). (take 3)

[patch] config.gcc: don't inlcude tm_file in xm_file

[PATCH] Constant fold "bitop" builtins at the tree-level.

[PATCH] Constant fold (c1/x)*c2 as (c1*c2)/x with -ffast-math

[patch] convert some call ABI macros to hooks, apply to sh, add bitfield swapper

[PATCH] demangle.h shouldn't depend on locale.

[PATCH] Document and correct ABS_EXPR usage (take 2)

[PATCH] Document pch testsuite directory

[PATCH] Don't include <iostream> from ext/ropeimpl.h

[PATCH] Enable distributive FP optimizations with -ffast-math

[patch] enable posix threads on darwin.

[PATCH] Fix 11777 - m68k multilibbed bootstrap broken on 3.4-branch and HEAD

[PATCH] Fix __builtin_expect

[PATCH] Fix bootstrap failure on hppa-unknown-linux-gnu

[PATCH] Fix cross-jumping EH bug on s390

Re: [PATCH] fix doc references to GLIBCPP_FORCE_NEW

[PATCH] Fix documentation for setbuf.

[PATCH] Fix finish_struct

[PATCH] Fix finish_struct (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix for PR bootstrap/12100

[PATCH] Fix gcse in presence of volatile mems

[PATCH] Fix i686-darwin after my pic base patch

Re: [PATCH] Fix libstdc++/11784 - atomic __exchange_and_add() broken for ColdFire targets

[PATCH] Fix libstdc++/11784 - atomic __exchange_and_add() brokenfor ColdFire targets

Re: [PATCH] Fix libstdc++/11784 - atomic __exchange_and_add()broken for ColdFire targets

[PATCH] Fix libstdc++/12048

[PATCH] fix locale_facets.tcc __pad lossage

[Patch] Fix PR 12086, add optimize of small size memcmp

[Patch] Fix PR 5582 and 10538, missed uninitialized variable warning

Re: [Patch] Fix PR 5582 and 10538, missed uninitialized variablewarning

[PATCH] Fix PR11784 - atomic __exchange_and_add() broken for ColdFire targets

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR11784 - atomic __exchange_and_add() broken forColdFire targets

[PATCH] Fix PR9697 - m68k multilibbed bootstrap broken on HEAD with CPU32

[PATCH] Fix predefine problem on PA under hpux

Re: [PATCH] Fix sched-ebb.c bug (was Re: [3.3 branch] IA64bootstrap failure) (take 2)

Re: [PATCH] Fix support for multiple counters sections

[PATCH] Fix typo in pa.c

[patch] gcc-3.3

[patch] gcc/*.[ch]: Fix comment formatting.

[patch] gcc/*.[ch]: Fix comment typos.

[patch] gcc/*.c: Fix comment formatting.

[patch] gcc/*.c: Follow spelling conventions.

[patch] gcc/*: Fix comment formatting.

[PATCH] GCSE/PRE improvement to handle complicated expressions.

Re: [patch] h8300: Fix target/11805

[patch] h8300: Fix target/11805.

[patch] i386.c: Simplify an integer comparison.

[PATCH] Improve length estimate for direct calls on PA

[patch] iq2000 and mn10300: Follow spelling conventions.

[patch] iq2000: Fix comment typos.

Re: [PATCH] libart-config check

[patch] libffi darwin structure implementation (PPC)

[patch] libffi fix implicit declaration of abort

[patch] libffi: struct passing fix for ppclinux 32 bit

[PATCH] libstdc++ - Avoid using missing C library symbols

[Patch] libstdc++-v3/Makefile is not SMP safe

[PATCH] Negation related constant folding improvements

[PATCH] Negation related constant folding improvements (take 2)

[PATCH] New simplify_associative_operation function

[PATCH] Optimize (x+2.0)+3.0 with -ffast-math

Re: [PATCH] Optimize x*x*x*x*x*x using 3 multiplications.

[PATCH] Optimize x+x+x+x+x+x as 6.0*x with -ffast-math.

[PATCH] PA bitfield expanders

[PATCH] Pass BOOT_CFLAGS down to 'make {re,clean}strap'

Re: [PATCH] powerpc64-linux bi-arch support

[PATCH] PR middle-end/11771: Tighten up negate_expr_p

[PATCH] PR middle-end/11823: Tune jump tables for -Os

[PATCH] PR middle-end/11984: Fix 5.0 - x - 2.0 ICE

[PATCH] PR middle-end/12002: Don't fold z+z as z*2.0 for complex z

Re: [PATCH] PR middle-end/12002: Don't fold z+z as z*2.0 for complex z (take 2)

[PATCH] PR middle-end/12002: Don't fold z+z as z*2.0 for complex z(take 2)

Re: [PATCH] PR middle-end/12002: Don't fold z+z as z*2.0 for complexz

[PATCH] PR optimization/11700: ICE during reload

[PATCH] PR target/11693 and target/11535 testcases

[PATCH] Promoted variable SUBREG optimizations

[Patch] Raise the dead: i860

[PATCH] Re: Your addition of BT_SSIZE

[PATCH] Remove builtin-types.def from java front-end

[PATCH] Remove check for prologue_epilogue_contains from init_alias_analysis

[PATCH] Remove insert_default_attributes langhook.

[PATCH] Remove last functions from builtin-attrs.def

[Patch] Robotic PARAMS and ISO C90 conversions

Re: [PATCH] RTL optimize sqrt on targets without a sqrt insn

Re: [patch] rtlanal.c: Simplify an integer comparison. (pretty obvious but needs approval)

[patch] rtlanal.c: Simplify an integer comparison. (prettyobvious but needs approval)

[Patch] Save space in rs6000/darwin-tramp.asm

Re: [patch] shrink some cp/parser.c structures

[PATCH] Small performance improvement to ht_expand

[PATCH] Some simplify_binary_operation improvements.

[PATCH] Speed-up get_identifier("main")

[PATCH] Speed-up get_identifier("main") (take 2)

[PATCH] Speed-up get_identifier("main") (take 3)

[PATCH] Speed-up get_identifier("main") (take 4)

Re: [PATCH] Speed-up get_identifier("main") (take 2)

[patch] Split config.build out from config.gcc

[PATCH] Split testcase 27_io/objects/wchar_t/10.cc

[PATCH] testsuite fix for PR 11739, i386 prefetch tests

[Patch] Tidy-up i860

[Patch] Traditional to ISO C90 conversion for i860

[PATCH] turn off warnings in gcc.dg/compat/vector tests

[patch] Update docs to reflect change to -Wimport

[PATCH] use fileline typedef


[patch]: Re-work stdargs for i860 (committed)

[PATCH][Bug c++/12054] Fix C++ EH bug

[RFA] toplev.c tweak

[RFC/RFA] PR 11572 GNU ObjC Runtime for Darwin

[RFC] patch: libffi dejanu test framework

[So-net auto-info Mail] 1#

[testcase] IA-32 ICE due to not splitted insn

[TestCases] New C++ testcases


Re: [toplevel] Remove unused libc_interface stuff

[toplevel] Set RAW_CXX_FOR_TARGET

[tree-ssa, C++] PATCH to ALIAS_DECL handling

[tree-ssa-cfg] Bugfixes

[tree-ssa-cfg] Reenable dce + bugfixes

[tree-ssa-cfg] The big ugly patch

[tree-ssa] -> [tree-ssa-cfg]

Re: [tree-ssa] [libmudflap] Fix build failure for Darwin

[tree-ssa] [PATCH]: Loop invariant code motion for trees

[tree-ssa] [PATCH]: Remove hacks in points-to

[tree-ssa] [PATCH]: Turn SSAPRE on by default

[tree-ssa] Ability to run dominator optimizer after cfg cleanups

[tree-ssa] Add .cvsignore for gcc/fortran

[tree-ssa] Add missing semi-colon, fix bootstrap

[tree-ssa] Another edge insertion fix

[tree-ssa] Another test

[tree-ssa] Another test for missing optimizations

[tree-ssa] Another testcase

[tree-ssa] Avoid recursion in dump_generic_node

Fwd: [tree-ssa] bootstrap problem on powerpc-apple-darwin6.6

[tree-ssa] Broken Makefile.in

[tree-ssa] Bulletproof tree-ssa-dce against some EH issues

[tree-ssa] c-simplify.c cleanup PATCH

[tree-ssa] Call get_stmt_operands from optimize_stmt

[tree-ssa] Comment typo's

[tree-ssa] COND_EXPR lowering preview

Re: [tree-ssa] Configure support for GMP

[tree-ssa] Confine signed_size_type to C frontends

[tree-ssa] Dominator opts fixes and enhancements

[tree-ssa] Don't free hash tables before statistics are dumped

[tree-ssa] Fix 20030731-1.c

[tree-ssa] Fix 20030807-2.c

[tree-ssa] Fix a few tree-ssa testsuite failures

[tree-ssa] Fix bsi_next_in_bb

[tree-ssa] Fix bug in tree-ssa-dom

[tree-ssa] fix edge insertion handling in switch expressions

[tree-ssa] Fix folding of *&VAR in get_expr_operands

[tree-ssa] Fix for 20030807-8.c

[tree-ssa] Fix linearize_cond_expr when branches are entered by goto

[tree-ssa] Fix make_goto_expr_edges for computed gotos

[tree-ssa] Fix print_c_tree

[tree-ssa] Fix tree-ssa-dom, bugs in jump threading

Re: [tree-ssa] Fix variables getting out of their scope

[tree-ssa] fold-const.c patch reversion -- egg on my face

[tree-ssa] gcc/java/except.c does not build

[tree-ssa] Get rid of LOOP_EXPRs

[tree-ssa] Improve aliasing and optimizing constant string reads (again)

Re: [tree-ssa] Improve aliasing and optimizing constant stringreads (again)

[tree-ssa] Improve COND_EXPR linearization, statement removal, etc

[tree-ssa] Improve dominator optimizer's handling of NOP_EXPRs

[tree-ssa] Improve gimplification/dominator optimizations

[tree-ssa] Improving dominator opts

[tree-ssa] Initial jump threading through conditional jumps

[tree-ssa] Initialize fields after resize_phi_node

[tree-ssa] Kill more useless type conversions, expose more expressions

Re: [tree-ssa] Killing LOOP_EXPRs

[tree-ssa] Lowering of VLA's

[tree-ssa] Lowering of VLA's, part 2

Re: [tree-ssa] Lowering of VLA's, second attempt

Re: [tree-ssa] Lowering of VLAs, second attempt

[tree-ssa] Make assignment of scopes independent on bind_exprs

[tree-ssa] Make jump threading work over empty blocks

[tree-ssa] Make remove_phi_arg_num useful.

[tree-ssa] Make tsi insert iterators handle chains of COMPOUND_EXPRs

Re: [tree-ssa] Make tsi insert iterators handle chains ofCOMPOUND_EXPRs

[tree-ssa] Mention f95

[tree-ssa] Minor change to add_vdef/add_vuse

[tree-ssa] Minor cleanup in get_expr_operands

[tree-ssa] Minor testsuite fix

[tree-ssa] Missing c-pretty-print dependencies

[tree-ssa] More dominator optimizer testcases

[tree-ssa] More fixes

[tree-ssa] More optimization testcases

[tree-ssa] More optimization tests

[tree-ssa] More testsuite updates

[tree-ssa] More useless COMPOUND_EXPR removal

[tree-ssa] New test

[tree-ssa] New test for dominator optimizations bug

[tree-ssa] New tests

Re: [tree-ssa] objective-c gimplify

[tree-ssa] Optimize ABS_EXPR

[tree-ssa] Optimize reads from constant strings

[tree-ssa] Optimizing silly ELSE clauses

[tree-ssa] PATCH to add_referenced_var

[tree-ssa] PATCH to clean up GIMPLE predicates

[tree-ssa] PATCH to copy_body_r

[tree-ssa] PATCH to generate ARRAY_REFs to INDIRECT_REFs

[tree-ssa] PATCH to get_stmt_operands and non-GIMPLE statements

[tree-ssa] PATCH to gimplify_boolean_expr

[tree-ssa] PATCH to gimplify_cond_expr

[tree-ssa] PATCH to is_gimple_reg

[tree-ssa] PATCH to make_catch_expr_blocks

[tree-ssa] PATCH to pretty printing of RESULT_DECL

[tree-ssa] PATCH to simplify_builtin*

[tree-ssa] PATCH to support !keep_function_tree_in_gimple_form

[tree-ssa] PATCH to tree-inline.c aggregate return handling

[tree-ssa] PATCH to tree_ssa_useless_type_conversion

[tree-ssa] PATCH: a couple of small changes

[tree-ssa] PATCH: more predicate tweaks

[tree-ssa] Record equivalences created by memory stores

[tree-ssa] Remove more unnecessary NOP_EXPRs

[tree-ssa] Remove more useless statements

Re: [tree-ssa] Remove useless null pointer checks

[tree-ssa] Reset DECL_TOO_LATE for copy of decl

[tree-ssa] Temporarily revert gimplify_boolean_expr change

[tree-ssa] Test for useless stmt removal

[tree-ssa] Testsuite update + new test

[tree-ssa] Testsuite updates and new test

[tree-ssa] tree-cfg.c cleanups/fixes when removing blocks with reachable children

[tree-ssa] tree-ssa-ccp propagate constants into PHIs

[tree-ssa] tree-ssa-dom fix

Re: [tree-ssa] Update loop analysis 1/2

[tree-ssa] Use FOR_EACH_BB in build_dominator_tree

[tree-ssa] var_ann_d bitfields

[tree-ssa] Various minor fixes

[tree-ssa] Yet another new optimization test

[tree-ssa]: Fix another points-to problem

[tree-ssa]: Fix printing of phi nodes

[tree-ssa]: Fix some more points-to cases

[tree-ssa]: Forward substitution for loops

[tree-ssa]: Get PTA bootstrapping again

[tree-ssa]: Loop LICM, take 2

[tree-ssa]: Major SSAPRE Update

[tree-ssa]: Use replacement rather than insertion for single statementbb's

Re: [tree-ssa]: Use replacement rather than insertion for singlestatement bb's

[tree-ssa][mainline] Fix counting of line executions in gcov

[tree-ssa][PATCH]: Add bsi_move_*

[v3] Fix libstdc++/11990

[v3] remove iter typedefs

[v3] update names for optional testsuite sum files

[www-patch] bugs.html rewrite, part 1: factor out non-bugs section

Re: [www-patch] bugs.html rewrite, part 1: factor out non-bugssection

[www-patch] bugs.html rewrite, part 2: revamp floating point section

Re: [www-patch] bugs.html rewrite, part 2: revamp floating pointsection

Re: [www-patch] bugs.html rewrite,part 2: revamp floating point section

[www-patch] onlinedocs/index.html: move on to GCC 3.3.1

[wwwdocs] Document template template parameter change

[wwwdocs] Make contribute.html a bit more friendly

[wwwdocs] Make develop.html more readable

[wwwdocs] update for 3.3.1 release notes

Add -mxgot option to mips backend

Re: Add CONSTRUCTOR case to loc_descriptor_from_tree in dwarf2out.c

Add DESTDIR support to fortran/make-lang-in

Add missing -Winvalid-pch warning

Add self to MAINTAINERS on branch

Re: again function prologue/epilogue generation

alias.c patch for loop/alias bugs

Allow cgraph nodes to change name

Re: Approved

Re: ARM floating point code for GCC

Backport unwind-libunwind.c to 3.3 branch

Re: bit shifting CQImode values

C front end: Maintain scope lists in the proper order

C++ PATCH to aggregate returns

C++ PATCH to build_conditional_expr for c++/11283

C++ PATCH: Fix decl_constant_value for COND_EXPRs

C++ PATCH: Fix pointer-to-member regression

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 11789

Re: C++ PATCH: Fix PR 5293 (regression)

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 6196

C++ PATCH: Fix PR c++/11928

Re: C++ PATCH: PR 11530

C++ PATCH: PR 11551, 11919, 10762

C++ PATCH: PR 11679

C++ PATCH: PR 11703, 9512, 10923

C++ PATCH: PR 11713

C++ PATCH: PR 11744

C++ PATCH: PR 12093

C++ PATCH: PR 5079

C++ PATCH: Several PRs

cgraph code cleanups and tweeks

Chain incomplete variables off their type, not their scope

Coalescing across abnormal edges

Re: ColdFire/uClinux status update

Re: Commit approval pls: PR 9877, 8336, plus other stuff

Committed: [Patch] Robotic PARAMS and ISO C90 conversions

configure.in patch for --enable-intermodule

configure.in patch for make_compare_target

Convert config/mips prototypes

Re: convert_move infinite recursion

cppfiles.c further cleanup

Re: Dead link on the libstdc++-v3 homepage

Death to configure.frag

Death to configure.frag (revised)

disable java on x86-darwin

Doc updates for lib/gcc and libexec/gcc

document 3.4 changes

Don't build soft-float on Darwin


Eliminate need for third argument to comptypes in C front end

Re: Fastjar, copyright, and upstream...

A few assorted mips cleanups

fix 11693

Fix 32/64 problem with sjlj exceptions

Fix bug in fold-const.c

fix cross-building libjava

fix fold_builtin wrt rtl-level state

Fix for PR 8180, --without-headers

fix g++.dg/eh/simd-2.C and compat/vector-1 crash

Fix i386 local and fastcall functions handling

fix ifcvt rtl sharing

fix intermodule mode

Fix ldxmov configure check

Fix libgcc symbols for sh4

fix mainline build

Fix mg.c regression

Fix misapplied patch to texi2pod.pl

Fix missing stack adjustment from expand_builtin_setjmp

Fix misspellings of "testcase" and "testsuite"

Fix off-by-one error in get_file_function_name_long

Fix PR 10962 for the 3.3 branch (for 3.3.2)

Fix PR 11534

Fix pr12009: g++.dg, compat.exp fail to crosscompile testcases

Fix PR12010: g++.exp and libstdc++.exp fail to find testsuite_flagswhen cross-compiling

Fix preprocessor/11839

Fix quoting of program-transform-name in toplevel configure

Fix rare crash building PCH

Fix target/11699

Fix the fix. (was Re: Fix quoting of program-transform-name in toplevel configure)

fix to re-enable PCH

Fix unique symbol production in unit-at-a-time

Followup on cfg splitting problem and proposed patch

Followup to configure.in patch for make_compare_target

Framework support for darwin

Re: GCC build failed for native with your patch on 2003-08-12T01:00:42Z.

Re: GCC build failed for native with your patch on2003-08-30T20:00:01Z.

GCC Framework support in Linux


gcj: new encoding

Re: get emit_cmp_and_jump_insn_1 to mark the jump's label

Global Approval (Re: Patch to fix several compat failures onirix6.5)

Re: IA64 HP-UX ILP32 patch for __builtin_return_address (PR 11535)

IA64 PATCH: C++ thunks

Re: ifcvt: cond_exec-like behavior on cc0 machines

Improve darwin X darwin cross support

Java web page problems

java.net.Socket.connect always times out with connection timeoutof non-zero


Kiri blokeeritud. Mail rejected.

Libstdc++ configure tweak for crosses

libstdc++-v3 cross-configure support for Darwin

libtool piecewise linking

Re: license of config-ml.in and symlink-tree

Re: m68k patch reviews

Re: m68k patch reviews (Was: m68k - Dropping the Motorola syntax)

m68k: Add __attribute__((interrupt)).

mail connectivity test

Make mipscop-* tests compile-only

Makefile.in: A few more missed BOOT_CFLAGS passes

Move -mips16/-mno-mips16 to TARGET_SWITCHES

Move C_DECL_FILE_SCOPE to tree.h

Move cc1obj out of Makefile.in

Move mips.md to brace quotes & similar

Re: Re: My details

Need config/ for include of fp-bit.h

New insns for the s390 backend

New insns for the s390 backend (2)

New insns for the s390 backend (3)

Re: No longer able to detect exception model right

obvious error in calls.c

Optify -g switches

Out of Office AutoReply: Approved

Patch [3.3.x] for -Wtraditional (and other) warnings

patch applied to SH port

patch applied to sh port: wrap return address for TARGET_SH1

PATCH bugs.html (was: More: better document two-stage name lookup& template base classes)

patch c++: opaque types for pointers

PATCH fix regression in cpperror.c

Patch for gamma, bessel and error function math builtins

Re: Patch for m32r/10988

Patch for math builtins (taking pointer arguments)

Patch for mips64-linux-gnu library path

Patch for more math builtins

Patch for PR 12072 (set constants generate wrong code)

Re: patch for prologue/epilogue generation

PATCH for: gcc/libstdc++-v3/include/bits/stl_vector.h

PATCH for: release tarballs should have LAST_UPDATED containingrelease tag?

PATCH handle null cpplib buffer

PATCH index.html (was: GCC Release Status (2003-08-22))

Patch installed to avoid PARAMS in config/sparc/

Patch installed to convert sparc.c to ISO C

Patch installed to fix comment typos

Patch installed: handle new math builtins in mathfn_built_in()

PATCH obvious c-decl.c fix

PATCH to add 'r' and 's' to IS_EXPR_CODE_CLASS

Patch to add gcalloc to gcse.c

Patch to add missing math tests

Re: patch to add typedef for "logical line" [ping]

Patch to categorize builtins.def

Patch to delete protoize.c:substr()

PATCH to do_type_align for old S/390 under-alignment problem

PATCH to document init_xxx and other function naming conventions

Patch to fix cabs* and ffsl builtins

Patch to fix several compat failures on irix6.5

Patch to fix string-opt-9.c "regression" with builtin strcat

PATCH to fold_builtin

PATCH to function pointer attribute handling

Patch to macroize builtin math attributes

Patch to mips va_arg handling (hard-float EABI)

PATCH to real.c:do_multiply

Patch to reformat builtins.def

Patch to resort builtins

Patch to simplify builtins.c:mathfn_built_in()

Patch to simplify builtins.c:mathfn_built_in() [take 2]

PATCH to split up cpp_read_main_file


Re: PATCH: call move init_reg_modes call (for compile-server)

PATCH: (for:) warnings building mainline for x86_64-freebsd


PATCH: address "This question is off topic for this list"

patch: c++ fix for grokparms

PATCH: C++ PR 8795

Re: patch: c++ support for vector opaque types

Re: Patch: change name `LONG_DOUBLE' to `LONGDOUBLE' in builtin types

PATCH: Clean up doc-building

PATCH: cvswrite.html

PATCH: DG-style test case for libstdc++/12048, as installed

PATCH: faq.html -- fix table of contents

Re: PATCH: Fix 11535


Patch: fix rs6000 handling of out-of-range BDxx

PATCH: frontends.html and Ksi

Patch: FYI: automated libgcj/classpath comparison

Re: Patch: FYI: gcj news

Re: Patch: FYI: java news item about 3.3 release

Patch: FYI: mention native eclipse

PATCH: gcc-3.0/criteria.html

PATCH: gcc-3.3/index.html

PATCH: gcc_build

PATCH: gcc_release

PATCH: HP-UX 11.2[23] doesn't support init_priority

PATCH: index.html

PATCH: java/index.html link fixes

PATCH: linkage.exp on IA64 HP-UX

Re: PATCH: m68k: remove NO_ADDSUB_Q dependent code

PATCH: maintainer-scripts/gcc_release

PATCH: MAINTAINERS - update my e-mail address

PATCH: minor develop.html and navigation tweak

PATCH: mirrors.html

PATCH: More cleanups to ARM lib1funcs (and a couple of FP bug fixes)

PATCH: More Makefile cleanups

PATCH: New ieee754 support code for ARM

patch: ppc-e500 evsplat*i fixes

PATCH: projects/index.html - security-audit list archives

PATCH: ra-rewrite.c comment fixes

PATCH: readings.html


Patch: RFA: Fix for PR java/11600

Patch: RFA: fix miranda methods in gcj

Patch: RFA: remove some unused gcj code

PATCH: rotate news, and two other minor changes

PATCH: steering.html and my affiliation

PATCH: style.mhtml

PATCH: testing/testing-pooma.html

PATCH: Testsuite tweaks

PATCH: Use GNU Makeisms to simplify libgcc build

Patch: use xcalloc in lieu of xmalloc/memset

PATCH: wwwdocs/bin/preprocess

patches for cross from sparc-sun-solaris2.6 to sparc64-sun-solaris2.8

PATH: call move init_reg_modes call (for compile-server)

Re: PATH: Clean up doc-building

pch/warn-1.c failure on AIX


Ping: [patch] convert some call ABI macros to hooks, apply to sh, add bitfield swapper

PING: license of config-ml.in and symlink-tree

Ping^2: [patch] convert some call ABI macros to hooks, apply to sh, add bitfield swapper

Possible virus in Email sent by you

powerpc64-linux libffi update

ppc-e500: add efsnabs insn

Re: ppc64 floating point usage

Re: ppc64 floating point usage [was Re: PPC64 Compiler bug !!]

PR 11207

PR 11924: Fix mips check for internally-generated symbols

PR 11949

PR 12018: gcc incorrectly tries to build newlib when configured for c4x

PR 8180: --without-headers not properly recognized

PR c/11639

Re: PR target/10984

PR target/11031

PR target/8869

PR target/8871

Prefix config/ to tm.h/?config.h includes; fix related bugs

preliminary support for new Xtensa ABI

quoting in GLIBCXX_INCLUDES, canadian cross


Remove some gnome-isms in bugzilla

RFA: Install libobjc under gcc/, not gcc-lib/

RFA: make dw2_output_indirect_constant_1 take user_label_prefix into account

RFC: conversion to config.gcc lists, revised

RFC: Fix PR/11968: Handle pointer constant overflow

RFC: License corrections for unwind-*

S/390: Improve handling of mult and div

S/390: Improve main literal pool handling

S/390: Make use of machine-specific features

S/390: Minor literal pool simplification

S/390: More cleanup

S/390: Remove LOAD_EXTEND_OP

S/390: Simplify literal pool overflow case further

S/390: Use ISO C syntax for function pointer calls

Shifts by constants > 31 may generate illegal sparc assembler output

Simplify (subreg:SI (ashiftrt:DI a 32) 4)

Simplify check and check-c++ targets

Simplify handling of TARGET_4300_MUL_FIX

small struct function cleanup

Re: Some cleanups for the tree inliner.

Some minor cleanups in mips.md

some Xtensa cleanups

Re: Special handling of "%H" (Re: Support for %d$c format specifierindiagnostics.c)

Re: Sysroot library search tweak

System call comparison

technical enquiry

Testsuite PATCH: Another spurious ILP32 failure

Testsuite PATCH: Backport uninit-C.c change

Testsuite PATCH: Fix linkage.exp on hppa64-hp-hpux11.11

Testsuite PATCH: XFAIL attrib5.C on PA HP-UX

Testsuite PATCH: XFAIL packed1.C on ia64-hp-hpux*

Re: Thank you!

Thread support for HPUX 11 (pa, ia64)

Thread support for HPUX, revised

Re: Thread-local storage on IA64 in ILP32 mode

Re: Thumb code on gcc-3.3

tidy creation of struct function

tidy rtl inliner vs decl_saved_insns



Re: Two possible function stabs patches

Unreviewed c++ patches

Unreviewed math builtins patch (3x)

Unreviewed math builtins patches

Unreviewed patch

Unreviewed patches

Unreviewed^2 patches - bootstrap failure

Unreviewed^3 patches - bootstrap failure

unreviewed^n patch

Unsubscribe Unsuccessful

Re: Untangle last couple dozen incestuous target includes; take config/ out of -I path

Untangle last couple dozen incestuous target includes; take config/out of -I path

Re: Untangle last couple dozen incestuous target includes; takeconfig/ out of -I path

Update Release Status link

Use full path in linemarkers

Various comment tweaks for the mips port

Various trivial changes to the mips port

wint handling in gcc format testsuite

Re: wwwdocs/htdocs/gcc-3.4 changes.html

Your addition of BT_SSIZE

Your inquiry to webmaster@fastweb.com

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