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RE: [RFA/PATCH]: H8/300 - Update the generated debug information

Hi Jim,

Thank you for review and suggestions.

> The SDB/coff debug format is old, limited, and unextensible.  It is 
> almost always wrong to use it.  Since you are using gdb, a better 
> solution is to use stabs which doesn't have this problem.

Yes. This is problem of the COFF format. This is not observed in stabs or ELF.

> Or, alternatively, if you must fix the SDB/coff debug info, I suggest 
> doing the same thing Andrew Cagney suggested.  Make gcc emit a special
> directive (.int32) and/or pass an option to gas.  Have gas set an ELF 
> section header flag when it sees the directive or the option.  Then 
> modify gdb to set the int size appropriately depending on the ELF 
> section header flags.

I will try to implement this.

> > 	* gcc/sdbout.c (plain_type_1): Update COFF debug output 
> information.
> > 					Output "short int" if 
> integer size is 16 bit.
> This isn't OK.  It is wrong to emit a type of "short int" for 
> an "int" even if they are the same size, because they aren't the same 
> type.  This will break the gdb testsuite.

Thanks. I missed it out.


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